Relic Hunter Named Armorers missing/gliched

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A few named npcs that grants us more diversity of armor sets are apparently stuck inside a building in Sepermeru, this is kind of a deal breaker for me since it prevents me from trying new character builds and we lose in armor variety, this should be fixed asap, just like purge should also be fixed asap, too many useful npcs can only be found in purges… how about you guys prioritize bugs like these so we can have more things to do while you fix the rest of the game, should be enough to keep us active and not bored…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I believe a fix for that is in testlive now. Part of the 500 bug patch coming soon

Thats good to know, i would appreciate a confirmation on this…maybe we will have to wait for the patch notes, is there a release date for the 500 fixes patch?

I have seen nothing on ps4 release for patch yet. But patchnotes for testlive are here on the forum TestLive Patch Notes (20/6/2018) Version: 100928/18372

Thanks, really appreciate it…