Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Build

Hi guys, I was wondering what armor and weapons I should give my seeker, I’ve never used a thrall other than my darfari fighter the entire game so I’m looking to switch her out for a treasure seeker. Any advice you can give is much appreciated, thanks!

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Besides finding recipes, are you level 60 or do you have end-game gear to find/give?

I give legendaries to all my leveled thralls.


it really depends on each one preferences and how your relic hunter will lvl up and how much strengh/health/armor ratio you want to gain , if you want to max out his strengh I would strongly suggest any piece of flawless armor with strengh bonus , (the heavy armor for max armor value is also a thing )
then if you don’t care about stats , silent legion armor ( and if you have a purge armorer the flawless version of it ) has , as I have witnessed will give a stronger reduction to knock back effects ( what I mean is that your thrall will get up quicker and go back to attacking your target quicker than with any other armor )
then in terms of weapons , crom sword is a good thing to give to a powerfull thrall , also 1 handed mace with strengh bonus like the one found in warmaker dungeon is a very good thrall weapon since the AI of thralls tends to work best with said weapon :wink:

in the end it’s also a choice of personnal taste in terms of how you want your thrall to look like ( if you care or not about style :wink: )


I’m level 60 but I got there mostly by making explosive traps and killing bosses. I’m actually not too well informed on thralls. I’m thinking about giving my seeker some accuracy because they’re classified as an archer. But they’re also good with swords so I crafted her an ancient khopesh to go with her Hyrkanian bow (I probably butchered that spelling lol)

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I’m also thinking that if I can find a good balance between STR and VIT that she can become a boss destroyer. But I didn’t even know you could allocate thrall stats I thought they just leveled up and had automatic pre-determined stats

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I actually care quite a bit about style but I’m also shooting for great stats. I heard the Cimmerian armor is the best for sheer HP but I don’t really like it aesthetically haha

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Some of those perks change archers into fighters and fighters into archers. Those lines have been blurred, so there is some confusion. Watching videos of thrall comparisons will help.

The RHTS build is enough to capture a higher tier thrall. They know how to use truncheons. You might have to tank a few hits.

Hmmm? I know food does that. I thought it was automatic from there.


Maybe this could help?

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then if you care about their stats , the following steps might help , I read you took an archer , I would suggest having a fighter , also on that point if you are aiming for perfection I would tell you to go for :

  • cimmerean berserker or danlisa snowhunter for the 3.9 dmg or 3.8 dmg multiplier respectively
    ( danlisa will have much more hp at start )
    and give them gruel while you are leveling them, it will give an additionnal 14% chance of them getting 1 point in strengh per lvl ( adding to their original precentage they get at random on placement )

    and then give them strengh bonus armor and a crom sword or the strengh mace from warmaker dungeon .

  • janos/lian they have a smaller dmg multiplier than cim berserker and danlisa but they start with the max strengh point at begining of all named as they are part of the nordheimers

same thing applies for the gruel and armor from above :wink:

the more strengh your thrall will get the less hp he will have to obtain since he will cut in half more quickly than ever so he will loose few hp ( it’s a concept sometimes hard to grasp I remember on another game on hardcore mode your char would be deleted with it’s objects if you died , well a lot of people were putting to much points in vitality cause they were scared , the players that would prioritize strengh were the one surviving easier :wink:

have fun :wink:


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