Religion Benefits

Note: These religion benefits only qualify for the one you choose in character creation so players don’t stack up on altars.
These buffs will increase in effectiveness with each tier. Jhebbal Sag might not work since you have to find it and earn it in game.
Buffs in tiers:
1: 5%
2: 10%
3: 20%

Mitra: Natural healing buff.
Set: Natural resistance to poison
Ymir: Natural resistance to cold
Derketo: Natural agility and stamina buff

It takes the single player forty plus hours to get an alter built. That’s if it doesn’t get destroyed first. I’ve tried three times. Given up. Waste of time.

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Even if that were true at one point, it is not true now.

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Being able to get them all doesn’t mean they are the same. It basically proves the exact opposite. If they were all the same, there would be no reason to get more than one.


So a picked religion would behave a bit differently to those found on the go? Interesting mechanic.

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