Religion of Zath

Not sure if it was intended, but the crafting material for the globe of Yezud isn’t the venom purified blood you get from using the Zath harvesting item. It requires Lingering Essence, the material you get from the Mitra harvesting item, which might be why there’s just an option to make manifestations of zeal with no other benefits currently.

It also takes 100 more bricks to upgrade to a T2 shrine, compared to every other religion. Not sure if there’s anything else though, as my game crashed last night before I could progress further to see, but I feel like T2 only having the armor, as cool as it does look, is a bit disappointing, especially with how I either have to unlock a second religion to get the globes, spawn them in, or just convert the blood into zeal and not get anything from it in order to upgrade the altar to T2 and even T3, maybe even to T4 as well.


Statue of zath also requires lingering essence which is wrong.

Yep, just saw, and not just one like for the globes, but five lingering essence, and the statue is honestly kind of a let down, for me at least. Thankfully they got all the costs for upgrading from T2 to T3 correct though, so at least there’s not that mistake repeated, I suppose.

The statue does have some lore behind it. If you read the info text it does tell a story how at night the statue comes to life. Would be interesting to have the statue move at night, even an idle animation.

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Huh, I’ve been reading the info of literally every item involved with the Zath religion, but I guess I got too excited to see the statue I forgot to look. Making it move at night of have an animation based on the time of day would probably be too much work for a single statue. Still, I expected it to be a bit more than just an egg above a stone pillar surrounded by sticks.

Also, the spider that the globes summon ignore other spiders, demon spiders, and spider-related bosses, so it would’ve been even cooler for the Zath religious set have a hidden, or not so hidden, feature that makes those enemies passive to you, at least until you attack them. Or at least immune to the slowing effect of certain webs in certain dungeons…

*Edit: So, reading the text on the Statue of Zath, the statue explicitly says that it doesn’t move, it was just referencing the special statue in Yezud. It does, however, claim to be impressive, which is decidedly not true, in my opinion. It also has a typo when referring to the cattle, saying head instead of herd.

Also just found out that the Zathite Daggers don’t have any poison effect tot hem, just being regular-ish daggers with a unique appearance/description. The spiders summoned by globes of Yezud have a unique type of venom, I believe only possessed by them, so why not have the daggers with it too? Anyone know if the spear has poison to it, or is it just a standard spear?

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