Religion overhaul and miracles

I want to an an enlightened system for Conan Exiles. The enlightenment same effects as sorcery but instead of corruption you glow. Enlightenment has miracles instead of sorcery. Enlightenment can only heal and remove corruption. The gods give you the power of miracles for a price of course. You can even have permanent enlightenment. Enlightenment has a cost. The gods demand life and stamina to use divine powers. Instead of a purple corruption you have a white enlightenment. Up to 50% max health and stamina. Cure your friends or allies of missing health, bad stats effects and corruption. Enlightenment your stats as well.

Also each religion,but Crom can now craft all types of new armors and weapons. The weapons comes in iron,steel, harden steel and new star metal weapons. 3 new armor sets light, medium and heavy. Armor comes in normal and epic.

Enlightenment works just like sorcery.


So you want sorcery… but white


This one is mildly confused.
Other than perhaps Mitra, which of the “religions” in the Exiled Lands (or in Siptah) would this apply to?

Taken even in a sanitized form, Set is the evil snake god of evil, Ymir is the giant god of freezing one’s jibbly bits off, Derketo is the Goddess of Love and Death, Jhebbal Sag is the Master of the Hunt, Zath is the spider god of disease and pain, and Yog is, well, prima facie, The Lord of Empty Abodes is the Cannibal God (the deeper you dig, the more you may want to go back to the comforting delusion that Yog only wants people to eat people).

Most of these are a hard fit for the enlightenment system suggested.
Mitra, sure. Anyone else… um, maybe in bits and pieces, but not taken as a whole.


The world of Conan is dark and existential danger lurks in the void, Balls. The gods may or may not offer some protection but there’s no holy equivalent of corruption sorcery in the setting. The idea that you could get magic without being corrupted takes away the horror of the choice. Adding it would violate the setting pretty thoroughly.


People should get enlightening because they choose not to kill!
If Conan exiles had this choice the you should be granted with it.
I love my war axe!

Um, question. What is enlightenment’s removal cost? Sorcery comes with the cost that you need to remove the corruption that comes from casting spells . How do you remove your enlightenment to regain your stamina and health? Also, where is this enlightenment coming from ? Yourself ? Where did and/or/how (did) you obtain it ?

The corruption comes from the outer void and channeling the power from that realm/dimension erodes the body and mind ( I assume the mind issue will be maybe added in later after 3.0 is released) . The corruption comes from corrupted things (artifacts, obelisks, places where many rituals of sorcery were conducted in the past) and piercing the barrier between you and the void for a time when casting Sorcery, Spells, or performing a ritual.

Are you performing meditation or some other outside ritual to draw from ? Sorcery came with hoops to hop through both to gain and recover from it. What is/are enlightenments “hoops” to hop through ?

I wouldn’t mind more religion goodies and functions, but I am not sure that we need a mirror to Sorcery as we already have a counter: Kill the caster and the spells will stop coming. The direct approach which is already the opposite of Sorcery.

EDITED: For clarity.


Enlightenment is another form of corruption. It does same thing as corruption.

A recurring motif in Howard’s world is that evil can come from either within or without, and the supernatural power always comes at the cost of your soul, but the ability to overcome adversity, corruption, and evil always comes from within.

There’s no such thing as extrinsic, magical enlightenment in Conan. And whenever there appears to be some, it just ends up being evil in disguise.

That the whole illusion behind enlightenment. The gods themselves are corrupted.

No amount of clever phrasing will change the fact that you’re once again suggesting something that goes directly against the core concepts of the body of original work that this game is based on.

EDIT: And if it’s not abundantly clear from all the previous discussions on that particular topic, the sentiment is that if you want to play a game set in your own fictional world, you’ll either have to find one that is similar to it or make one yourself.


Oh so like in Elden Ring, where the demigods that use holy energy are obviously corrupt beings who don’t realise it themselves? And the holy energy is just another form of corrupting sorcery?

So you want some sorcery to be yellow instead of purple. That seems needlessly complex :thinking:

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Exactly. This is like, one of the main themes of the setting.




Calling on the ‘gods’ is useless, they are merely aliens with advanced technology anyway. That includes Mitra, Set, and so forth.



Maybe the “enlightenment” you get from guys with 1960’s haircuts and mustaches I suppose…

So you want sorcery that is not called sorcery? If it looks like a sorcerer, walks like a sorcerer and quacks like a sorcerer, chances are pretty good that it’s a sorcerer.

But who knows, maybe Funcom will sell you a White Mage cosmetic overlay via the Black Lotus Bazaar one day so you can pretend to be good while being corrupted to the core.

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I rather it be white.

But it heals, buff players and thralls,cures debuffs and revives dead players and dead thralls.

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