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Maybe people can use the religion symbol of perhaps tier 2 or 3 can remove corruption from other players but not your self, you could also use the religion symbols similar to sorcery but to gain blessings, bring players back to life, call resources to appear around you, I can see players working well together with these features, good for group play.

Why would religious symbols remove corruption? If anything, they should add corruption when used to harvest.

Mitra, Set, Yog, Ymir, Derketo, Jhebbal Sag, and Zath are outer cosmic entities, essentially similar to demons but much more powerful. Interacting with their ‘blessings’ should cause corruption.


Mitra is no demon, well the followers of the religion would ask for help etc, a blessing is just that, if U want corruption prob better to play sorcerer.

I said he was an outer cosmic entity. Which are similar to demons, but much more powerful. Interacting with any of them corrupts the body and mind.

And given how offerings are made, the ‘Mitra’ exiles claim to worship isn’t even the actual Mitra. But just a figment of their imagination they manifest using latent unnatural energies in the Exiled Lands or Isle of Siptah. Aka using Altars should effectively cause corruption.

Conan explains their purpose and origin in game very well.

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The worshipers would want beneficial blessings otherwise who would follow these beings, why would they get corruption awouldnd follow.

I have travelled far and seen much. From the glittering ice of Asgard to the jungle expanses of the Black Kingdoms, I have been thief, pirate and mercenary. But nowhere have I seen gods as I see them in this land. These avatars that stalk and spread destruction in their wake. These are not gods. These are what men want the gods to be. Weapons.


That is what Conan tells you about the so called religious followers of the Exiled Lands.

To put it shortly, the worshippers as you call them, Mitrean followers included, are not very nice people. Just as bad if not worse than sorcerers.


We’ll give the symbol powers, for some corruption maybe less for Mitra :slightly_smiling_face:

And you are correct it’s the avatar not Mitra etc itself the God sends the avatar but the God itself is not a imagination.

Again, I said it was an outer cosmic entity in the lore, or alien for all intents and purposes. Not an imagination. Mitra is not natural to the world, hence any contact with it (such as powers, blessings, or anything of the sort) should cause corruption. Mortal human beings weren’t made to handle such interactions.

It is not known what Mitra is.

Set is a Great Old One, Ymir is an Outer God (I think), Yog is an Outer God, Zath is an Elder God.

I don’t know if the true nature of Derketo or Jhebbal Sag is established.

Crom might be imaginary, there is no evidence he actually exists.

The avatars we summon in-game are the god-weapons Conan is talking about. He is not talking about the real gods. It is possible the avatars as we know them are all just creations of Nyarlathotep.


The game already has 4 ways to remove corruption
Cleansing brew
Heart of a hero
Why we need more ways to remove corruption?
I could understand, hey give pve reasons to avatars
Or make bubbles useful on purges
But remove corruption?
Barbaric religions exist to give you strength to slay, not to grow plants and gather milk from cows :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Corruption is strength finally, so, sorry, No!

I personally play a lot of rp monk style. So i would love to pray to my first chosen god and get buffs for the rest of the day!


Crom laughs at your weak need for evidence!


Ok so how about this system, you get powers that you can use from a religion symbol, and yes some of us want to remove corruption with the symbol, but you can also Rez follower, mount all utility blessings etc, maybe one or two damage dealing powers maybe like a comet or rock etc…however the cost is the “unknown entity” lol will ask you to do a task, if you don’t, you get a curse that is time based. The powers should not be for free and the “other-worldly” entity should demand your time and service.

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Imagine invoking The Lord of Empty Abodes or The Stillborn God to remove corruption!

While this one would note some of the Hyborian “Gods” are far less damaging than others, what we see in the Exiled Lands is in many cases very derivative from how the faiths exist outside of the snow globe. Something something too much sorcery and the Disjunction. Possibly it’s all about murder for power bed that’s what the Giant Kings with understood given their relationship to Set.

But rest assured, there is nothing Mitrean about the “Mithras” faith in this game other than the name.
Human sacrifice. A golden altar.
Not just heresy, it’s outright blasphemy.

If corruption is removed by peace and relaxation, a comfort rating for the home might be a good way to deal with it. But that’s probably a massive system overhaul.


Well, i have to admit one thing here m8… You rock :star_struck:. I love your rp fantasy, I am pretty certain you would create beautiful tasks for role play and i absolutely admire this spirit. Please to meet you m8 :+1:t6:

We’ll Mitrian Altar does not require human sacrifice, I’m not totally against receiving corruption, However, I would want a chance to avoid the curse as long as I completed the task the altar required if I didn’t do the task then I get the curse after using the powers/“spell” from the religion symbols. So practically you would build up a bar from using the symbol powers, and when it reached max level you have to do something for the altar or get the curse.

You upgrade the altar with favor.
Favor is acquired by harvesting dead humans with a special tool made at that altar. Human Sacrifice, even if it is done in the field. The exact same as what Set hungers for. Kill a person and bring a part back as proof. Hearts, Souls, Whitish Liquid in a vial… Whatever
Bring back proof of the killing and offer it at the altar and there is your favor.

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Ok that is true but that favour in the Altar can be represented by a power bar etc then when you have enough you can use your religion symbol to do the following:

  • Resserect your mount or Thrall

  • Summon your gods favoured animal for example Zath (Pet spider) Set - Snake, Mitra human fighter, and so on to follow you, protect you or guard your base. Similar in function and power to other thralls.

  • New Structure: Built from religion symbol, (Oracle) you enter, and when you click on the building you can have a view of a location on the map that you clicked on to see what creature or thing might be there.

All these things could be possible from the religion symbols.

At this point, this one thinks it would be a fine mod, but goes extremely far afield from many core concepts of the game.

On the other hand, as the player character can respawn ad infinitum, an ability to use the bizarre magics of the Exiled Lands to resurrect other bracelet wearers isn’t actually that far fetched.

This one must retract to ponder this for awhile.

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I’m happy to let the gods decide :wink:

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