Remained bugs after patch and hotfix

Game mode: [Online Official]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Just want to gather all bugs from my server in one post.

  1. Every time you log in game - you were dead, waking up near bed no matter where you logged off. Body and all stuffs in it already disappeared. (happened with me and all clan since hotfix every time when we are loging in).
  2. All missing things/thralls/altars/chests still missing.
  3. Light from radium Torch changed from warm white to cold white (looks bad).
  4. Getting heatstroke in house with ALL torches radium (supposed to not give temperature) and all crafting stations closed, before patch wasn’t hot even with all crafting stations opened.
  5. “B” is not showing player list anymore, you need to check with esc->player list (not for everyone, but for most of ppl who i asked).
  6. Skinning humans was supposed to be nerfed with partch, but most of humans now gives 0 hide… maximum 4-6. Supposed to be like this?
  7. In patch notes no information about silent legion armor nerf, considering extremely high price, is it bug or just not mentioned?
  8. Wheel of pain again stops craft randomly, but happily saving the progress.
  9. Statues of refreshment still not refiling (since 1 patch before this one) 5 out of 11 always empty.
  10. Archer Thrall in volcano was nerfed on Hp: lvl 3 from 3k to 2.4, lvl 4 from 4k to 3k. Wasnt mentioned in patch, so its bug or not?
  11. Some foundations in house having visual bug, which shows 100 hp /100 000 hp. I cant repair it with hummer (nothing happening), but i`m curious if enemy will see this 100 hp on my foundation, they will need to destroy only 100 hp or 100 000? (screenshot 1).
  12. Unidentified flying object showed up near my base since patch, i can see it even on single player server - placed near The Tradeway (screenshot 2).
  13. Server crushing randomly, makes process of thrall recovery longer and harder (lost 2 lvl 4 due yday crashes).1
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#8 is fixed
14. All thralls are 300 hp when you log in and slooowly recovering hp, makes raids very easy.
15. Thralls prefers to afk during any fight and dropping their weapon from hands in inventory each night.