Remedies for COMMON bugs that were apparently never found during a bug test process (if they even have one)

Game mode: [Online
Problem: bugz
Region: merica

BODY DISAPPEARING: Leave render range and come back, body will re render. Strangely enough, it is right where it rests, yet invisible until re rendered.

Dodge Rollback: NEVER, EVER, EVER roll towards the back side of your character if your camera is not looking directly forward. This happens all the time when repositioning my camera to attack an approaching enemy and then dodging when im about to get surrounded. It is not 100%, though I’ve noticed PLENTY of bugs connected to the stambug and looking at the back 180 degrees of your character (i.e. camera facing character) Like stuttering on the smallest of inclines, and ALWAYS on stairs. Literally try to run up stair with your camera facing backwards. It’s like a freaking treadmill.

Join server crash: Now, I’m unsure whether or not me dying to a player or the fact that I deleted the user profile under Conan’s saved data cleared it up, but I recall a similar issue with Ark and tried the same solution. I logged in fine. The discrepencies between people who reinstalled and still have the issue likely didn’t delete the save data which holds the malformed code.

Building blocks not placing after demolition: simply change the build item to a different piece and back. The game doesn’t register that the player built structure was destroyed until it reloads it’s stuffs.

Equipping weapons on thralls: even though it’s fixed, you cannot scroll over to the main hand slot. Fear not, as if you equip a hammer on your thralls head, he will get the message and hold it! Remember to equip arrows onto the bow!

Thralls disappearing upon reattaching bindings: this ALWAYS happens if I leave render and come back and the body no longer had ragdoll physics and just luges everywhere (Sliding on back). Basically, don’t abandon your thrall, try to use bindings within range of your base and don’t give the game the chance to de render them.

Thralls glitching through ground after using elevator: build a few ceilings to the side of your elevator (3x3 should work), try to stay as far away from the actual ground as you can. If you notice, thralls get a little loopy inside foundations and being between the world and the foundation must just poof them. So, use the ceilings on the side to walk in a circle and get the thrall on your level (they seem to path to where you were about 10 steps ago) before you move into the rest of your territory.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.I’m hoping with, my help, we won’t reproduce these issues!