Remember, doors stay open for 30 seconds ;)

Shoutout to Ninja and his risky ninja moves ;D


20 seconds :slight_smile:

I already clean 2 big bases like this, just wait (after raid time) they exit the base and enter before the doors close.

Then sleep in the base and wake up early in the morning.

You need to be in full encumbrance with lot of water and food and ingredients to craft the midnight potion to escape.

After they cry, a hacker kill us inside our base and take everything (exept locked chests) after raid time! :slight_smile:


I would always get after my old clan mates for not closing the doors in the airlocks.


The midnight potion, that thing gave me a lot of headaches. “mr admin we have no breaches! And he left!” While you scratch your head trying to figure out how. Dude crafted the potion with their own ingredients and left. Its some 200 IQ move, i applaud you guys xD


I’ll be honest I don’t get everything in these videos - is he dropping all the loot on the floor, just so it’ll decay?

Looks like he’s being ExtraSneaky™ though, and I always applaud those who manage to play the thief (in a PvP setting where it’s what the “victim” signed up for).

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I think the best escape I’ve ever used was someone’s own maproom. They had it in the middle of their base, but it was open. So we took a bunch of their stuff, killed them a few times. Then when they brought the rest of their clan, better gear and weapons, and thralls, we deuced out.

They couldn’t follow us because they demo’d the maproom trying to prevent us from escaping, but we had already clicked our destination. There was a little bit of salt on that one.


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