Remember when PvP was good in this game?

Guild used to fight one another out of pure savage hate and tried to form alliances and kos other guilds in various zones. I watch videos from years ago and pvp was so much better.

Now you play mini-games with the same few people. What a game this used to be.

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Even with the cheaters and thrall porkers the game was more enjoyable back then because at least you can deal with them. Now you have to worry about god almighty.

I remember

I remember being rez pad camped on White Sands Island.

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I remember when the gear your character had attained was secondary to the person in control of the character.
I remember when there was constant action across all zones as guilds fought over resources, whether that be crafting materials, power level hotspots, or epeen-measuring contests.
I remember when being pvp5 was a huge deal.
I remember when sieges were even buggier lamer messes than they are currently.
I remember playing for hours every day against hordes of players I had never seen before, all having just as much fun as I was.
I remember fighting over quest objectives, and the fun of the fight became more important than completing the quest.
I remember when the net code wasn’t a disjointed mess with characters teleporting around because interpolation wasn’t necessary.
I remember a premade scene that was healthy and fun, with teams forming of groups of like minded players who enjoyed playing together.
I remember guild rivalries
I remember actual 100 man zergs
I remember when classes had busted one-shots that would put t6 sin to shame
I remember bloody vengeance
I remember grip of death
I remember storm crown
I remember rabbit snares
I remember AOC buddy
I remember small group pvp exploding into zerg on zerg pvp into each side demanding to premade
I remember an economy where culture armor was highly desirable as it was the best pvp gear
I remember a community demanding raidfinder rings be given large nerfs to stop them from ruining pvp
I remember pug premades
I remember no line of sight check on crossbow rangers with 4K pen shots
I remember having a max health pool of 7000
I remember pre-nerf VOM
I remember when brute conq was completely useless in PVP
I remember when there was a player base to support team-oriented pvp
I remember lowbie pvp in underhalls and white sands
I remember fighting over dagon in Paikang for hours
I remember everyone quitting when pvp10 came out
I remember demonologists having all instant CCs
I remember 13 second roots
I remember HoX and DT being the worst classes in the game competitively
I remember when necro pets could attack from the water
I remember interrupting duels for hours in Khesh
I remember grinding bori for hours
I remember when casters had a stamina bar
I remember stacking Stam tap so that I could sprint forever
I remember combo molding
I remember combo cancelling
I remember gem suits
I remember BKs giving 30% invulnerabilities
I remember guild alliances controlling all BKs on a server
I remember when most players wanted to compete and get better rather than always win
I remember when stagger resistance didn’t exist
I remember when demonologist was the most OP broken class ever conceived
I remember ganking the entrance to vistrix, BRC, Yakhmar, kylikkis
I remember when there were good players who actually wanted to play against each other rather than farm noobs
I remember when there was an actual negative stigma associated with botting and farming your own characters
I remember global PVP that wouldn’t get you banned and muted
I remember charging zergs on my rhino repeatedly
I remember getting stomped by premades in pugs
I remember stomping premades in pugs
I remember when fresh 80s could join in and be impactful upon hitting level cap
I remember when you could be chain CCd

All of these previous time periods are superior to the game’s current state of gear/AA dependence with 0 player base because no casual player has time to catch up and farm raidfinder rings, t6 gear, max AAs


No Stagger Resistance. Yep. One of the most valid points.
Competitive Combat is supposed to allow ‘‘Attacks of Opportunity’’ that can be resisted by actually foresee the opponents action or have any countermeasure or manage to break off quickly or simply just ‘‘Strike First’’

I think Resistances in General are bad for Class Balance in PvP and should all be only a matter of Fixed Passives available in Spec Trees and simply using Special Abilities which already have their own Tradeoffs.
In general Alternative Advancement CC Resistance was a very bad choice.

Competitive PvP would be ‘‘Train enough’’ and use these Combat Styles and Brains to win. Currently Gear and AA does things for you instead and the advantage of ‘‘Thinking’’ is made obsolete if you don’t meet certain stat requirements.

the good old days