Remembering MadLyric - Friday, July 20


So sorry for your loss :frowning:


A name I’ve seen countless times over the years but never had the chance to formally meet or speak to. A shame really, but they clearly made a big footprint in this community and that is perhaps what makes the community here so special. Even when it’s someone we have perhaps never even spoken to we feel some type of connection and loss when they disappear.

I will be working at the time but I certainly send best wishes and hope the community has a great time together after all I’m sure it’s exactly what they would want to see.


Knew Mad since TSW, played with her not too long ago. See ya friend will miss the big waves \o !!!God Bless.


I knew of her more so than I actually knew her. I almost feel as if I’m intruding on this. But her presence and her story have affected me nonetheless and I feel the profound sense of loss that has swept through this community so suddenly. Not a week ago we gathered in Agartha to show our support and lend our strength. I hope it provided at least some measure of comfort.

My most vivid memory of MadLyric is the day she received her Halo. It was pure chance that I was there as the cheers erupted. I’m certain that the one she has now is real.

My sincerest condolences to Maddie’s friends and family. Please know that this entire community shares a part of your pain.



I think I only knew her in name, but it was a name I’ve seen for a long time here. Off to Valhalla with you.


I’m not going to say much because I’m not good at this kind of thing and I didn’t know Mad too well, but to play TSW/SWL was to at least be aware of who Mad was. She’ll always be a part of this game and this community for as long as it exists.


My most sincere condolences to family, friends and all who loved her.

I did not knew her, unfortunately, but I’ve learned about her situation and the amazing person she was. Her kindness was inspiring, and I believe all of us should learn from her example towards community and friends.
Again, my deepest sympathy. From the heart.

I will be at the event. In Purple. And thanks for inviting us to this.


it´s really sad to hear but it gives hope to see what you guys doing for her i wish you all the best for this event and for sure i wish the family and friends alle the best for these hard times


I didn’t know her myself. I did know of her leadership and presence ingame. I am very saddened to hear of her passing, and my most sincere condolences to those who knew her personally.


My condolences to the family, friends and everyone that knew her. I never got to meet her but familiar with her name, she was very loved and will be missed.


I will be there on Friday to celebrate the life of the Great Secret World Legend that is “MadLyric” :purple_heart:


Such sad news. The plans you’ve made are a wonderful tribute. As others have said, I must have run in the same orbit as MadLyric hundreds of times, but didn’t have the opportunity to get to know them personally. However, I’m still saddened to hear of another fan of TSW/SWL passing. My condolences to family and friends.


We here at Wandering Angel Radio send our condolences to Madlyric and her family. It is my pleasure to stream the vigil. This community needs us all. So, we here at Wandering Angel Radio are here for you - DJ-DanyAngel


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.
MadLyric made me feel at home when i first started TSW - I saw her name here in SWL discord and again, I was instantly reminded of how she made me feel at home.
There’s no feeling like it you know, You only get that feeling when it’s true and it’s a rare special feeling. Unique to the moment.
This would have been my dedication request.


I cant say that I knew her, but I knew her. Every time I saw MadLyric in game, I tough that “that is a cool nickname”. I might done some dungeons etc. with her, maybe done some chatting in TS or Disco in some sort of activity, but main thing is that I knew her somehow, and I feel sad that she is gone. Especially young age.

Im dancing as long as I can, with you, MadLyric, with my male head and female body :slight_smile:


MadLyric shall be on the In Memoriam in Eldwick … I would vote for her to get her name indeed she deserved it many times over .

  • In memoriam name in Eldwick
  • Stelle in game.
  • NPC in game.

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I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out today and supporting the event. Nirvelle for giving us our own instance and spawning 100 purple cats! Tron for pinning the GoFundMe to discord and for just being Tron, Andy (who was absent) but created the purple icon for discord for today in memory of MadLyric, Spynosaur and Rooibos for being there in support almost the entire event. DJ Nexus for the awesome tunes and helping to share Maddie’s memories, DJ DanyAngel for live streaming on twitch and last but not least each and every one of you who came out in support and helped us crash the server instance cap 3 times.

I know Maddie watched over everyone and enjoyed the afternoon, she now is tasked with naming all those cats in Agartha, so that will keep her busy for a while. All jokes aside, we miss MadLyric very much and this was a great afternoon, a time to celebrate who MadLyric was to the community and to the world. She was a true angel and will forever be loved and missed dearly.

My sincere condolences to Maddie’s family and friends in this extremely difficult time. May her light always shine down upon you with love and guidance, with care and concern. Always directing you in the path of happiness, love, joy and safety. She will in death, watch over each and every one of us as she did in life, with the amazingly beautiful spirit she has and love for everyone she knew. There are no words to lessen the pain or make this tragedy any easier to bear. At least for now you must know, Maddie loved each of you, just as you loved her, unconditionally.


Alas, I had work or else I would have been there. MadLyric was such a pillar of the SW community, and such a champion for Extra Life as well. It is lovely to see everyone coming together to honor her.


I only just found out this news. Had I known I would have been there. Madlyric will be missed and was a pillar of this community. I am awful at putting words together when it comes to things such as this. But I have to say Madlyric will be remembered always. When I do play again I will be sure to shout at anyone that messes up their login script for LoMS Global and give them the good ole Maddie scolding! And I will definitely miss teasing about going to change a letter.

Chicken will never forget!


Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful tribute to MadLyric today. I love you all. :purple_heart: