Remortification and a Throne Conquered but Unclaimed - Viralbots's Next Big Proposal

TL:DR - A new instance that does double duty as a player apartment and also a way to reset a player’s level back to 1 for a “new game plus” mode. Also contains a significant number of credit sinks.

At some point between killing The Night Heart one-on-one, putting the Dust Brigade on the back foot, butchering the Kyr’Ozch in their own motherships, and showing the Xan that this world ain’t big enough for the both of us, the newcomers to Rubi-Ka (Players) have realized something: This is Our world. We are the Immortals.

We stand atop the pile, armor covered in dirt and grime, blades dripping and muzzles charred with carbon. We have swept aside any and all other pretenders to the throne… yet We have still not claimed it. Instead, We find ourselves full of sin and baggage, full of anxiety and power and turmoil and nowhere to direct these forces.

What if We could do it all again?

We propose that opportunity. A way to wipe the slate clean, allow Our enemies a brief respite, and let the throne wait for Us once again. A way to reclaim mortality. A tabula rasa.

This comes to us through the gift of a new NPC in a new playfield: The Throne Keeper: an NPC that resides in a new instance called “The Throne Room.” The Throne Keeper rests not on the seat of command itself, but in an annex of the Throne Room. The Keeper is a utility of the Throne. It offers numerous services to the claimer of the throne, not the least of which is the ability to relinquish that claim - to be reborn in this world ready to grab it by the horns once again: Remortation.

Tabula Rasa is a single-use item that the Throne Keeper will offer to the player once they claim their Throne Room. The Throne Room is initially a single-player instance that must be cleared of six difficult guardians before a level-capped player is able to claim the throne. Each guardian starts already spawned, and must be paid a sum of credits for the privilege of fighting them. Once the throne is claimed, the room in its entirety becomes a player-owned instance similar to RK apartments or the Jobe luxury apartments. The Throne Room features some nice real-estate that can be decorated, as well as the titular Throne - a seat which doubles as a respawn point similar to the SL garden respawns. The Guardians themselves also become friendly servants of the new owner of the throne. They will offer various utilities such as banking, GMI, grid access, and teleportation to Jobe or major cities.

Tabula Rasa, the item of most interest, is an unusually ordinary stone slab. It can only be obtained by giving the Throne Keeper each of the garden and sanctuary keys of a player’s faction, as well as one of each of the Ergo progression rings (Totalling 17 items). The Throne Keeper will also require a donation of 800 million credits. The player must then strip off all items and use the tablet at their throne.

In return, the player dies immediately. This is the process of Remortation.

All items in the player’s inventory will be transferred to reclaim. The player then respawns in Arete Landing at level 1/0 with all perks, research, faction, alien XP, and daily timers reset.

For all their sacrifice, players are given a small gift: A new aura which grants the player and all their teammates an XP buff that stacks with existing buffs in the “XP Bonus” Nanoline. The amount given by this aura is variable, explained a little further down. The aura will also have a small trailing effect under the player’s feet of a color that represents their faction.

The second gift that players will gain is a new level cap: 2 additional shadow levels for each time the player undergoes this process (Up to level 230). This means additional allocation for shadowlands and alien perks, as well as more IP to spend. Each time the player undergoes this cycle, their Tabula Rasa aura increases in value by 10%, up to a total of 50% additional Add. XP Bonus. The intensity of their aura’s color will also increase, from mostly translucent to a nearly opaque noble blue, brilliant white, or intense red.

Each remortation will cause the player to relinquish their control of the Throne. In order to regain it, they will have to once again pay and defeat the Throne’s guardians.

AFAQ (Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens to my guardian keys and Ergo rings? They get deleted from your possession. However, the quests for them remain completed: They can be repurchased from the garden and sanctuary nano vendors after making the initial run to these locations once. These vendors already sell keys for players that have accidentally deleted them.

At what level can I enter the Throne Room? You can enter the Throne Room at your current level cap, which increases each remortation (220, 222, 224, 226, 228, 230).

How much does remortation cost? Each throne guardian will cost 200 million credits to fight, for a total of 1.2 billion credits. Remortation will cost an additional 800 million credits per cycle for a total of 2 billion credits per cycle, or 10 billion credits after 5 cycles.

What are the benefits of remortation? Each cycle grants an aura with an additional 10% XP buff for the team, up to 50% after 5 remortations. Additionally, players get a 2 shadow level increase to their level cap per Remortation up to level 230.

Can I use friends to defeat the Throne Guardians? No. Throne Guardians must be faced alone in a single-player instance. They can be fought one at a time. Once all of them have been defeated, the zone becomes a player owned instance which other players can be invited to.

Why is Remortation so expensive? There are too many credits in the game’s economy, and not enough significant credit sinks to help divest some from the players’ hands. Most credits are in the possession of players that have numerous 220s, and most of these players enjoy being the biggest kid on the block - this process would help lower inflation a bit.

What is the point of Remortation? Remortation will help players put stagnant 220s back into use, repopulate the lower levels, and take credits out of the economy. In return, players that undergo the process and use a Tabula Rasa will get access to a stronger end-game character that is better equipped to handle current content.

Will Neutrals have to give keys from both factions? Suggestions on how to gracefully handle this issue are greatly welcome. The point is for players to relinquish their SL fast travel options.

Won’t level 230s be overpowered?

Old response. New suggestion below.

A bit. These players will have access to higher stats, in the ballpark of 30 to 50 point increases to most skills. They will also have additional opportunities to vary up their setups, and be given new options for things like hot swapping or using new builds due to the increase in perk points and IP. Certain items such as level 300 Exterminator Ocular Enhancement will become more reasonable to equip. I am not proposing unlocking absolute breed caps. I am proposing a tightening of PvP ranges available to players who have undergone Remortation: down to about 10% of their level. This would mean a level 230 player would be able to fight a level 210 and above, and a level 221 would be able to fight players 201 and higher.

I am now recommending that 230s simply gain access to more IP as well as additional perk points. The absolute caps for skills should be at their 220 equivalents. This would overall lead to mostly new options for level 230 players rather than a massive increase in statistical performance.

Who built the throne? Who owned it originally? Those are great questions.

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Thanks for taking the time to read my proposal! I think it is one of many changes to the game that would be both inexpensive to implement but profoundly effective at breathing new life into our beloved Rubi-Ka.

I think this is a great concept. The only problem I would see with it is that it would very quickly trivialize the very little endgame content we have left.

Right now endgame content is basically just S42, PoH, Collector and DB3. Everything else can be 2 manned or soloed or easily multi boxed.

10 extra levels worth of IP points+perks would make what’s left irrelevant too. This would only ever work if FC would continue adding further endgame content once a sufficient number of people have made it to 230.

While it would both add things to do, it would also take away the little content we have left that requires us to play with other people.

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How about having those additional Levels just visible. So u will be seen as a Lvl 230 but technically u are still 220. Maybe there could be some titles for those ppl > 220.
And even tho i understand the idea behind making it expensive i dont think it would be a good idea.
There are not as much super billionares as u might think. And the real super billionares have duped for that. 100 billions less would not hurt them in any way.
Not everone is a credit hoarder, and those who are not could not use that process.

But all in all i like the idea behind it.

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Replying to both you and @relo concerning the statistical advantage of level 230 – first, this is a serious investment for serious players that are already trivializing this content. The only two places generally requiring more than 4-5 players (Not even a full team) are gauntlet and Sector 42.

With that in mind, I don’t think there’s any issue limiting the scope of IP distribution to skills that players haven’t raised yet. Capping off all skills at their 220 equivalent sounds like a decent idea to me.


Again, thanks for your reply. I definitely understand your concerns with the statistical advantages of 230.

That said, I think the amount of credits in circulation is much higher than most people anticipate. A quick search of GMI reveals a selling of 626 GRACE in the past month, which are currently running at an average of 8 billion a pop - this is a movement of over 5 trillion credits in 1 month from 1 item. Some of this can be market manipulation, but 80/20 rule says lots of it is going to be legitimate trading.

A froob player is able to earn over 1 billion in a day rolling and selling mission reward nanos. My buddies and I have made billions in the same time frame selling Inferno spots. That was almost 2 years ago. The money is out there, and it’s ripe for being reclaimed.

It’s a fun idea, the big problem with it is the time invested in repeating content needed to do it 5 times. You would in sense make the whole journey to 220 pointless. Imagine how this would effect a new player that can take days to just reach level 25, then tell them “yeah you gotta do 220 x5 times on one toon to be endgame”.

I’m not against time invested, but you can’t forget that we do have new players popping up as well. AO is already a monster of a game to max out a single toon as a new player.

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Thanks for your response!

I think your worries are not unreasonable. I certainly wouldn’t want new players to feel overwhelmed by an end-game goal post that is even further pushed back. However, more than almost any other MMO, AO is a game about its journey and not just the final destination. Many toons are intentionally left below 220 in order to take part in level locked content, or be useful for power leveling or providing other services to other characters. They also participate in various ranges of tower battles.

The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. An influx of characters that have undergone remortation will populate low levels with experienced players who are capable of teaching and assisting new players with all manners of content. The XP aura will also help make the journey back to TL7 and beyond more palatable. Additionally, players keeping the gear that they already farmed once will mean they are able to rapidly contribute to their own grind as soon as they approach 220.

This is meant to be a new game plus mode, not a simple extension to the end-game. It’s meant to be a refresher and a challenge for players that have seen it all and done it all. By creating skill caps at 220 (as others in this thread have suggested), the statistical advantage of 230 becomes secondary to the bragging rights and aesthetic display of the XP aura. The goal is to spice up the dish that is already end-game, not add a new course to the meal.

Sucks that they got rid of the game suggestion forum with the transition.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a suggestion forum to suggest a suggestion forum!

I don’t completely disagree, but most veteran players wont even interact with the new players. They level solo, powerlevel with NT’s, OST’s, heckler juice. It’s one of the reasons Adonis hecks is barely touched these days, since saving some quests along with solo DR will just get you to 160 for inferno.

10 perks is nothing to scoff at, that’s gigantic. The perks alone would heavily change the balance around as well. While some professions can barely put use to their 40 perks today. I’m all game for a new game plus, but I don’t think it should include more perks, an xp aura that shows is cool or some social stuff you can’t get otherwise. But forcing to level one toon to 220 5 times just to be able to compete is really rough.

And froobs may become sloobs? Even bigger credit sink :wink:

While I understand a long standing AO players are getting WAY TOO bored with a current state of the game. I surely dont think another grind, especially a grind like this would fit into the scheme of other players will less time to play, nor returning or new players.

Thanks for your input though! I think it is just TOO much! :]

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I 100% agree that froobs should be upgraded to sloobs. I honestly believe that froobs are the largest population of fun-having, non-cynical players in this game. I’d love to see that energy brought to SL.