Remove a Religion

Hi all,

Is it possible to remove a religion and just go without?

Don’t think so, but you can just ignore it.

Picking Crom initially is the closest you can get thematically. Practically, it doesn’t matter since (as @Caco says) you can just ignore 'em all. They provide a benefit if you do their tasks (kill people and harvest them, basically), but there’s no requirement to ever do them and you can survive just fine without it (except for PVP anyway).

Thanks guys. Other than the “Venerate a god” quest thingy showing on my screen I can ignore.

you can disable journeys from displaying. go to settings.

What I’d like to do is remove the religion ones from showing. The game shows only three journeys at a time and right now 2 of them are religion which leaves only 1 at a time for me to do.

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