Remove CO-OP shackle

As we have lots of problems with over populated SERVERS creating crashes and lag like no one has ever seen, Would it be possible to remove the shackles of CO-OP as having to be basically stuck to each other sucks, but it is the most smoothly run you can play, so let’s get rid of them shackles so maybe we can enjoy the game.

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Architecture for how single player is designed will not support what you request. The full map isn’t being rendered intentionally so the computer or console will perform better. They would have to redesign how single player works and essentially, run like how a server does now, requiring much higher demands for the game to run in single player.

The only way you are going to get what you request is, on PC at least, setup a private server using the free Dedicated Server App found on these forums. This will use your computer or another’s to act as a server, thereby removing any tether limit. Caution is advised if you plan on running both the game and the server from the same computer, as the performance demands will be much higher.

I’m guessing this is impossible on ps4 yes

Pretty much ya, you would have to rent your own server.

Due to all the problems with smooth running on console and crashes all the time it’s not worth it. I’ve stopped playing atm until it runs properly and smooth. I log on only for 5min once a week to run over my stuff to reset timers so for it not to disappear, I’ll return to game play when they fix console issues, there is a lot.

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