Remove Direct Connection to Officials

Even within PVE you are degrading peoples playing experience for you own end. People who are near you will see you stutter and jump and mob actions will appear strange.

You should play on servers that are within your region. That is why they are there. That is why there are ping restrictions.

There are no ping servers, they are private and we are talking about Officials.

The Direct Connection is not there for that, it is for unlisted servers. You know it, I know it.

Maybe u should do a casual search, and u will be surprised that THERE ARE official servers with no ping limitation…

Noone of the guys and girls that play with me ever complained about me degrading their game… on the contrary they seem to enjoy playing with me…

I think it is a good aspect to be able to play with friends across half the globe…

So no, let us have this option still… this brings people together… i find no bad in it…

Ofc you are free to stay in your region, and let others not suffer by your stuttering… but let people enjoy and play together nomatter their region…


This :+1:t6:.
Thank you @Ragnaguard
And speaking of this…
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I am playing on a US official pve server. When @stelagel who is in Greece comes on my wife and I don’t experience any differences neither when I have played with people from South Africa South America same on our private servers. Logged in a bit ago ping says 100 this is on ps4. Can’t say as I have ever seen any one on from Asia if that causes a difference would not know.


Your point is devoid of logic and misses the entire point because people who do have terrible pings join Official servers via direct connection which is the problem. Nobody is or should be complaining about no ping servers. If people want a lag fest and a terrible experience they should be free to stay on those.

You speak of everyone enjoyment, did you consider people might not enjoy playing with you, have you considered that?

we are talking about and only about Officals Sestus, what you do on a private server should be and is your own business

I mentioned private servers last . Did you read The first part about Official servers?


If you had the LUCK to play with @Ragnaguard, you wouldn’t speak this way. The years passed with several of his Co players in the servers he participated speaking only the best for him.
@sestus2009 and I play in officials too we both participated on 3507 and on 3504.
@Zeb is my guru in this game, the best official I participated was 3728.
My region is EU not US but I have plenty friends on US because of that :man_shrugging:.
Now pvp in different regions US different, I never participate in a US region official pvp because of the time, I couldn’t stay awake on 3 to follow pvp hour. Yet there are people that maybe this hour is convenient for them to play, so maybe playing in different regions will help him.
I don’t know about gaming language a lot, but my gaming is more difficult when I play in American server, to this I agree, yet I am grateful I had this choice because I met WONDERFUL people.

I don’t know him I don’t need to know him nor is does that have any bearing on what we are talking about here.

Either ping is experience effecting or it isn’t, so either drop all ping restrictions or enforcement. Working around the issue of grabbing the IP for an option that exist for unlisted servers is you breaking the intention. There is no middle ground. He could be the bestest person in the world, I don’t want or need to meet him. I want the playing field and playing experience to be as equal as the code base allows.

Then play your region, simple as that :man_shrugging:. Why should we all suffer the right of choise you wish to enforce? For some of us gaming is more than the game and meeting new people globally comes first.
Anyway, suit your self, I personally will be very disappointed if this option changed, I am dreaming the day all the Consoles will be able to play together so I will become @CodeMage team mate… One day!!!

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I do, I don’t play on other regions and others invade and don’t THAT is the problem. You clearly are missing the entire point.

I don’t care about your friends or your cross play fantasies, I expect the restrictions put in by the developer to be enforced. Your good time should not come at the experience of others.

And I hope in this instance you are entirely and very disappointed because it isn’t all about you. Everyone stuffers by having high ping players effecting server performance and there are servers made specially for this option. Play on those.

Thats right I bet theres just a tiny few that want to stop direct connect because playing globally is very fun and you meet people from everywhere. I have played all regions for years and not once had anyone complain about a ping. It will be nice when Funcom sets up cross platforms so I can dropped bombs on some of yalls bases from the flying mounts.


There are differences in respect of PVP when you’re playing with vs. playing against. Consider as well that one person who lives far away will still have an impact on the server but will not be as obvious.

Try fighting against a 6-10 person clan from a different region instead. They’ll be invisible to you yet you’re dying. They’ll appear to teleport. You’ll seem to land hits but it does not register and they’ll be attacking you as well, then you’re dead. On their end it looks like you’re just standing there, completely unaware of their presence or late/missing attacks. Many assume this is hacking. It isn’t, it’s PING.

This is what OP is talking about and why they feel removing direct connect is the answer. And as CodeMage outlined, it’s more resolving the ping issue that should be addressed. The system itself allows ping abuse.

It isn’t a cry to stop people from playing together.


You can have the same problems fighting next to a super size base that`s causing lag.

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Yes, and both parties will see those effects with a laggy base. Except, this isn’t what we’re talking about. We’re talking about players in other regions joining servers that they shouldn’t BECAUSE of their high ping that must use direct connect in order to access.

Does not always happen to both parties I killed lots of players when they had lag and I did not. Most of the time lag is a players connection or low end computer.

That`s just my opinion.lolv

Sure, sometimes it doesn’t. Depends on how laggy the base is, I guess I just assumed you were talking about ToC breaking bases shrugs

But again, going back to the actual OP issue, we’re talking about PVP ping abuse. Not everyone has seen or experienced it. Having seen myself in a video posted by enemies of me just walking by them and barely reacting making me look like some strange unaware noob and me KNOWING exactly what happened on my end… opens ones eyes. In this particular instance this person was invisible to me, I started taking damage, then they appeared, I reacted and died. This was a commonality in dealing with a clan outside of region of the server.

Ya pvp sucks my clan quit playing after the bomb dupe that just did it in for us. I just dont wanna lose direct connect on pve or pve-c dont care anymore about pvp so they can disconnect it there would be ok with me and sounds like alot of others.

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