Remove flagging for people who flag multiple posts that don’t break rules, these random flagger are getting out of hand

I’d like to point something out because it is my interpretation that some here are either forming their opinions as they write or are perhaps struggling to effectively communicate their position.

RESPECT necessarily implies deference.

To say you should respect a person’s idea or opinion means you are deferring to that person’s judgement. That is why those of you saying we should respect opinions unequivocally are getting pushback. Respecting an opinion empowers said opinion. This can be good or bad - depending on the opinion. Reserving respect until you have thoroughly tested an opinion is a protection from empowering bad or harmful opinions/ideas.

Respecting others is good and noble, and we should pursue it whenever possible. That doesn’t mean it should be given freely.

Some people here have used language that stems from anti-realist philosophy. Not that that is bad, but you should be careful about what you say, as it has far reaching implications and may not be what you mean. The term “your truth” shifts the power dynamics of argumentation from an abstract point, where both sides can debate around that point scoring points back and forth, to the singular source of you. Where the only way to challenge that truth is to challenge the self. Meaning to prove “your truth” wrong, one would have to attack your ability to arrive at a truth.

To those with this view - not deferring to someone’s judgment via respect automatically is to call into question their ability to make judgements.

Whichever side you are on, in order to convince the other side of the virtue of your method of distributing respect, you would first have to get them to see truth the way you do. Otherwise we are just playing different games simultaneously.


Very important points, Ulyssi. It makes me think twice about giving certain posts a pass.

In Montreal I interviewed a very famous Flat Earther. He told me of people in my old neighborhood who believed the same way. So I trekked out there to Wolf Lake and spoke to a grocer family from my childhood. The elder, now retired and manning the corner by the fresh goods, swore that all he had seen and all he ever would see was flat. That his relatives had flown in a balloon and had seen only flat told him enough.

Considering he had been running the same market on a dirt road since my childhood and was every bit the embodiment of the store itself, I could respect that viewpoint. I also had enough respect not to argue with an old man in his own shop.


I don’t want to veer too much off topic, especially considering the nature of the thread, but your story resonates with me deeply.

I agree that there is a practical element to respect in our day to day lives. Even feigning respect by not engaging, I think, could be viewed as a form of respect. Becoming comfortable with our own limited scope and ability to comprehend, then extending that understanding to others when communicating with them is one of the noblest human pursuits.

I have said before I’m not sure what is a more appropriate approach here on the forums. In my personal life I try to live by two philosophies: speak little - say a lot, and speak only to those who are listening.

Given the nature of forums though any idea left unchallenged remains “forever” to influence and be read by an unknown number of people. I don’t necessarily want to debate the friendly old grocer, but neither do I want his proclamations to be the only ones heard. I admit I struggle picking a side of that line at times.


shrug I would probably flag way more to be honest but that just creates a headache for the moderator. I’m not for censorship but a flag is the only weapon against a keyboard warrior flinging a bag of salt around.


Salt, I can take. Now when it comes to putrid meat, this thread has taught me I need to flag more. And often. :crazy_face:


I’ve never flagged anyone. I don’t blame people who do, but it’s just not my thing. If I don’t like what someone has typed, so what? Letters on a screen can’t hurt me. As for removing someone’s ability to flag? If moderators can see someone is abusing it, maybe. That’s their decision, not mine.


I personally flag spam (random posts that appear from time to time advertising whatever) and overly aggressive posts.

If I am really bothered by something, I flag it for moderation and let the mods deal with it.


My Admin/Mods days are behind me… I don’t enjoy it.

I read a post I feel is “bleh” I just pass over it and onto next. Delete it from my memory banks and move on. XD

It has to be pretty offensive, for me to flag it.

Then again…I’ve been on Internet since dial up. I grew a backbone and hardskin. So alot of it doesn’t phase me.


This is literally what appealing to authority is…


Just this.
Not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings or engage them as they spew some cult fantasy as fact as their eyes roll back in their heads is just being polite.

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Well I keep getting flagged when I just tell others to ignore the posts that are egotistical and aggressive attacks, without mentioning 1 name. And I 8nclude feedback on topic. So yeah, I hope they really check the posts and the spam flagged and punish them.

Ah, I was wondering if that was going to pop up. When it comes to this specific instance to which you’re referring so obliquely, I can offer a bit of insight, because I was one of those who flagged you. Not offering it to you, by the way, since you’ve made it clear I’m not welcome inside your echo chamber, but rather for everyone else who has to keep running into your little nuggets of hypocritical passive aggression all over the forums.

Let’s go over the context, first. We’re talking about a thread started by a frustrated player who has been experiencing a particularly nasty bug for a long time now. The bug is nasty because it:

  • is hard to diagnose
  • affects only a small portion of players
  • freezes up the computer completely, requiring a forced reboot

Of course, people suspected hardware, and they said so. The OP categorically rejected this and made a claim about how this is a more widespread problem than anyone thinks and how assumptions that it’s hardware make it worse. I said that in absence of hard data, suspecting hardware is perfectly reasonable when trying to diagnose this, and that if the OP is not merely venting and wants help, he should work with the people trying to help.

The OP explained how he already tried fixing and upgrading the hardware and it didn’t work, and provided an additional detail about how this issue only started after the addition of the Frozen North and the jungle. He also complained about “people hammering him with attitudes”. I don’t think anyone in that particular thread did that, but we all have different ways of interpreting the same words.

So much for context. That’s where you entered and offered your contribution to the thread. Here it is, reproduced in its second version, after you edited it to make it appear less inflammatory:

I don’t have the first version, but even here, the ratio between actual useful information and slamming those nasty “passive aggressive egoists” is merely 1:1. Unless I’m mistaken, it was worse before, but maybe it’s a different post I’m thinking of, what with your penchant for jumping on every single thread you can find to take potshots at the “OG bullies” and whatnot.

What grinds my gears, though, is the total and utter hypocrisy of what you do. You pretend you’re a crusader against the toxic voices on the forums, but I’ve never seen you speak against toxic behavior unless it’s from a very small group of people you dislike. You pretend you’re against bullying, but it’s perfectly fine for people to hurl all sorts of personal attacks and insults against anyone you consider to be “OG”.

And since I’ve seen way too many people driven off these forums by utter vileness from those who you so courageously defend from “bullying”, I find myself with no patience for your little charade. Like I said elsewhere, I don’t care if I get flagged or even banned. If people like you are going to make this place toxic, I might as well give you my honest opinion. If you wanna burn the place down, then let’s make it a blaze to remember.


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