Remove fragment of power as a ingredient for a lot of stuff

A lot of items, in particular the decorative ones, should not require a fragment of power to craft since they don’t come with any benefits.
It makes sense for weapons, but a statue? Meh…

Just up the ante on the other ingredients for decorative stuff that currently require fragment of power.
E.g. Kinscourge Statue => 25 Corrupted stone.

I believe that their use in these recipes is to make those recipes a little more costly to create; to make them a little more rare.

I think that these recipe costs are okay that include Fragment of Power pieces.

If you want to craft many of these items, it might do you well to go and run the UC and pick up the loose, hidden fragments that are stashed around. You don’t actually have to fight or farm the bosses - just farm the hidden fragments.

I am with you on the rarity, I just don’t think these powerful artifacts should be part of certain recipes, and would rather see other ingredients used for the sake of logic.

So this is not a matter of complaining about the grind.
Like you said, relic fragments are fairly easy to pick up, and you just get more effective at it once you learn the route. Like the chests in Sepermeru.

Again, I’ll use the Kinscourge statue as an example.
It’s a statue, a small one at that.
It does nothing apart from looking much smaller than you probably expect.

So where does the fragment of power come to play in this statue?

I would like to see the following esoteric artifacts changed:

  • Kinscourge Statue => 50 Corrupted Stone
  • Serpentman Statues => 50 Corrupted Stone
  • Throne of Skelos => 100 Corrupted Stone

It’s not that a fragment of power isn’t easy to get. It’s the fear that as soon as I burn my surplus fragments into home decor, Funcom comes up with a handful of new recipes and I need to go back to farming Unnamed City bosses. That’s why I like to keep a healthy stock of spare fragments rather than fancy paraphernalia in my home.

Weapons, on the other hand, should retain the cost. You can’t turn a table leg into an effective weapon without some magic, after all.

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