Remove molds from Casting Table recipes (and move coins/flasks back)

It appears that there are a number of problems with the new Casting Table stemming from the fact that it uses non-consumed mold items. And the solution to “fixing” them for flasks, etc. by moving them back to the furnace made old, bad bugs with bar->coin->bar crafting loops resurface there.

The easiest solution to both of these is to get rid of molds. When molds were a way to signal to an automatic, non-recipe-based crafting bench (i.e., furnace) that you wanted to make a particular item, it made sense to have them. But on a recipe-based bench, they’re mechanically unnecessary, redundant, and obviously make coding the bench’s behaviors significantly more difficult. It makes sense to assume that coin/flask/jewelry molds are part of the bench’s equipment - you don’t need to have a distinct Anvil item in a BS bench to make a sword, or a Saw item in a Carp bench to cut wood. We just assume that any specialized tools are there as an abstraction and move on. It should be the same with casting since we’ve now got a crafting station that is specifically specialized for it…

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