Remove offhand weapon from IP calculation

As a baseline (pre-patch) the offhand weapon has equal weighting to the main weapon, despite offering at most ~15% of your dps output to mainhand’s 85%. (it’s actually worse than this on nearly every pair of weapons; offhand can easily cause negative dps compared to running mainhand alone)

I’ve been told several times when asking about build issues in the rebalance to treat my offhand weapon as a utility, in most cases meaning its actual stats are irrelevant because it’s being used for buff/cleanse/purge and 100% of dps is mainhand.

The only weapon that could provide 15% offhand was Inverter Elemental and that’s been nerfed.

Consequently the inclusion 1:1 in IP is far from correct. Removing it entirely would be closer to correct representation of a player’s gear; dropping it to in the range of 5% would correspond to a player’s strength but that means a maxed out weapon is worth a whole 10 ip which hardly seems worth it.

I’m asking because I have a max level shotgun making my IP total 1585 even though for all practical purposes I am functioning at the level of a player with 1420 ip and a level 1 green shotgun, and it makes the “beat content at your current max level” harder without offering any advantages.

If I were to level a new character, the minmaxing move would be to simply build 1 red weapon and leave the other 8 untouched, giving lower IP for easier completion of achievements and bonuses for doing ‘hardest available’.

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