Remove the ability to zone while in combat


You already have guards which is terrible. Can you at least make it impossible to zone during combat? the runners are silly


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Goes both ways. Runners doing that are annoying yes, but there’s the obvious flip side where if groups are just ganking the exits no one can leave (path of asura aside).


Or change instance if available


That’s horrible advice, any guild with people who’d spend 1 min to think through all possibilities and probabilities will have backup teams ganking all exits on all instances as they pop up, and would spawn/despawn them as necessary, …

It would be Eve Online style anxiety inducing madness, on entrances and exits, …

As with everything this is more a question of skill, class choice, class skill knowledge, your own class movement capabilities, knowledge of other classes and their movement capabilities.

And last but not least, the ability to predict and visualize your opponents movements for the next 5-15 seconds in the future, and move to cc and intercept not where your opponent is, but where he will be at.

And if you’re not in the US, you need to adjust for those extra ~70-90ms of latency, while you try to make your muscles and ligaments do all of the above that you’ve already figured out in your brain.


In practice, guilds dont do this. In case of heavy zergs, most of time there is a second instance and it’s easy to change instance and leave zone before others follow. Asura ofc is great because its instant cast, therefore zergers have no time to break the bubble or interrupt otherwise.


Just make zonining impossible for 30s after attacking a player. So a pure gankee can still just run without defending themselves but someome committing to a fight only to run has one less escape option.


would cause more trouble than its worth.




Can’t zone with aggressor buff seems perfectly reasonable yes.