Remove the "decorative thrall" from the delving bench

As the title alread suggests: Please remove the decorative thrall from the delving bench.
He has absolutely no use and bothers roleplayers all alike.


dumb question whats the “research station”


Maybe you are playing on a modded server? You might reach out for the Person who is responsible for that mod to make a suggestion, in that case.

Not modded. It’s the Delving Bench and @Chaplynn is right, it comes with its own decorative thrall that makes it look weird when compared to the rest of CE crafting stations:

It doesn’t have a thrall slot, yet it always looks like that.

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… and it looks good

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Mmm I dunno.

Having begun to follow Siptahs journey after finding his scattered notes and translations amongst the ruined and whole leylines we’ve constructed the research tools needed to dig further into the mysteries of the mealstrom. Shortly there after a robed man smelling of ozone staggered into camp. He explained that he felt the pull of the chaos and offered unique insight into the properties of the mealstrom and promised to tutor us in their use. We accepted wearily and I’ve left my best dogs just outside the research room just in case. This mans presence makes me uneasy.

You can use that to help you roleplay why a strange Thrall that doesnt look like the others has shown up to help you research eldrich horrors? Seems like strangers with unclear motives tend to show up when you first begin to research the outer dark.

you can roleplay he’s there for a reason

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