Remove the Store pop up in the main menu

It’s intrusive and annoying, i cannot see more than 2 products and they are not even atractive to watch.
The worst part is that it doesn’t let me use the menu right when i enter the game, i’m forced to click on the close button, and that’s bad UX design.

I suggest you keep the publicity but less intrusive and with a more atractive looking, for example, you could use some short clips that shows the items and building pieces of each DLC, instead of the static and kind off boring image that we see every time we log in. Keep the Main menu clean but with the important stuff at hand. you can even add links to your social media, develper streams, and more products made by you!
But please don’t pop it up in front of my face and take the whole screen, its terrible for me and that won’t help you sell more products.

Thank you.

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