Removing custom map markers

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

I cannot remove a marker I previously added to the map, e.g. where my clan’s base buildings are spread out, etc.
Previously, if you right-clicked a marker, chose the ‘Delete’ icon (the red slash), the OK button would change to ‘Delete’ and it would work. Now it doesn’t.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open world map.
  2. Add a custom map marker and click ‘OK’.
  3. Right-click custom map marker.
  4. Choose ‘delete’ icon (the red slash)
  5. OK button changes to ‘Delete’ but when you click it, the custom map marker doesn’t get removed.
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Got a controller?

No, I play on PC - so only using mouse + keyboard.

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same bug here and PC two

Markers are buggy since the release for me, I just use a screen of the map to mark what I need to now X)

I’ve got a workaround…

Tested with Windows 10 playing in Borderless Window Mode:

Step 1: Move the coursor over your Mapmarker - press and hold rightclick
Step 2: press and hold leftclick while still holding rightclick
Step 3: Release rightclick while still holding leftclick

You should now be able to modify your Mapmarker - however I had the problem that I couldn’t move the mouse now - mousemovement was just moving the map instead of the coursor.

To solve this issue:
Step 4: Press the windowskey on your keyboard
( windows startmenue should pop up overlapping your gamewindow )
Step 5: Hover your mouse over the delete button ( / ) and select it
Step 6: click delete

Hope that helps anyone…


Ugh, geeze. It’s cool you found a way to get the mouse to work but I’ll stick to using a controller as my workaround. It works perfectly on PC but of course not everyone has a controller to hook up, so I’m sure your method will be useful for some.

Tested on Win7 It works perfectly. Thanks bro for the sharing

Thanks for this, tip. I can finally remove my decayed outposts location. I do not have a gamepad for the other workaround.