Removing exceptional and flawless is it a good idea?

the good is , easier and less stuff, the bad is … well, you cant tell now what is what, unless you wear it, you cant tell if certain item was done using a t4 or a t3 unless you know the stuff very well, QOL wise is a total mess.

we need to have some form of convention to undertstand if something was crafter by what , (maybe add the icon the armorer has into the item) so we know it was made by bladesmith , tempermisth, or a edgesmith (int he case of weapons? )


+1 armor for T3, +2 Armor for T4, like good old D&D.

It was nice reward for getting a thrall, and making slightly better armor.

As someone who runs main character, and 1 that I restart when they die. The epic/flawless armors made differnce on road to 60.

Gonna suck losing them.

Not mention there gonna break journey step and trophy on consoles…

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So in 6 to 12 months? cool. XD

Still waiting on finding all map markers and mummy on consoles. >_>

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Early access…

Oh wait, that was Siptah.

Hmmm :thinking:

No, for exactly the reason that you stated.

The description of the item needs to include the stat modifiers now. That should have been blatantly obvious when they were making the change.

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Yes the armor /weppon icone shud have a note on what qualety is, so just can open the chest and se what you have quick and easy and not have to open every singel part. And thats only work if you know all data by hart, Funcom cant expect player know what all loot have in data!

It was a good idea.
It was an enhancement in crafting.
You can know the stats of an item by checking it, you dont need to wear it.

And if instead of just complaining, we take a look in the actual change, you will see that now a combination of Thrall/Station will create always better items.

I specially liked that now some of my Taskmasters make better truncheons. lol

Yes but you still need to click on it to se the stats, not just hover the mouse over it and lock at the icone.

And just by lock at the stats dont tell you if its the best or wors made type!

I dont really see the need to make icons reflect a lot of information that is not needed all the time. IT is like buying on the farmer market. You go there, see your vegetables, choose which you think is best, take it.

You wont be in your home checking the quality of each garlic bulb before using it. You will not be checking out the size and vividness of each basil leaf while making pasta sauce.

I think you are just fine checking up the item and storing it.

And it adds one nice touch from my point of view: People cant, like in reality, make “all nice and fine thorough check of an item” during quick grabs, specially in combat. That adds some “better plan ahead”.

All in all, I see no reason to make “fully indicative icons and names for everything” just for the sake of “always knowing what exactly it is”.

I dont think it is necessary, and we can live without it just fine.

Yes but still good to know it its a crapt selfmade armor or an master crafter that have made it. Whitout having all wariants next to it to cmpare. to quick grab it on the way out or if you find loot somwher out and questing.

you dont get it.

let me sumarize,in the case of weapons : one does durability , one does armor pen, and one does more damage.

how on earth i am supposed to know the exact stats of every single weapon? just to know what made it?

in the case of armorers: one does durability , one does weight, and other does more armor rating, you want me to memorize all the armors in the game ? just to know what made em? its a QOL thing, and i believe an important one.


Yes exaktly. its so many combinations of loot and crafters.

That’s still sooner than Soon™.

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Not mention 3+ months it’ll take patch update to fix major issues. XD

Sooner then soon, but not that soon, but soon.

As for Icons… and info.
I’m personally so sick of having check feat page and scroll down thru armors. (which is slower then a snail who’s dead on consoles) to find out if armor is cold/heat or what bonus it had… -_-’

but now you have to do it to know, what you will always need to do to know if it’s better or worse

the question is, how much will this harm our way of playing and how much will it benefit, is it useless to change just to make the current best much more difficult, where is the benefit?

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