Removing old steamplayerids from server

kind of a simple but yet complicated thing it seams, players get on server build a block leave, and never come back, problem is map is HUGE and wen you have over 50 dead steamids, how do you get rid of them, so what you get is major land claims, and then no one new can build, and scrapping a server wen you have 2-3 great seatllements over 1000 hours of building your grounds, is kinda weel you get it.

does anyone know how to fix this in plain (hey i’m no programer) language?



or is there a mod, or server management programe to do this, if not, i can pay a programer to create one.
can talk about money if anyone (with knowledge to do it) can come acctually do it.

btw i’m not talking about change money…

Not sure how to fix, but I am interested to know if anyone does know how we can fix this problem. Normally I just port around to my players randomly throughout the day, and Find their huts/blocks/bases. Then I mark them on my map. When I know they are done playing I know where to go and remove it. I also have my community help me keep an eye out for things like this, so I can go in and remove it. I don’t think Pippi mod has it. If you don’t know that mod you should get the mod. It is a wonderful server management mod! Funcom Should gave the Dev a job :smiley: :fire:Pippi - User & Server Management

What about announcing “Fast Decay Week” on your server? You can make announcements for a week or two ahead and turn on Decay Timer on the announced day. Those who play regularly will visit their bases and keep them alive, and decay will bring an end to all the abandoned buildings. After that you will turn Decay timer off again.

id do have pipimod instaled, but the offline player is still work in progress, and from what i seen on pipi discord chanel, well let’s say someone is taking a long break (josh), and might not even come back for a while, while decay is good but if i passed over 1000 hours building, well lets just say i dont want to pass the same time repairing.from what i know the data in in the save folder, but i’m no programer, and know crap what to do about it.

and going arround removing gone players foundations, and placables works (in most cases) i’ve got ppl hiding blocks underground just to help with that missery, so in a map sanbox like the size of this game, well you can imagine trying to find all this, while having fun playing…

pipimod was in the good direction they managed to pin down the steamids of offline players, but that’s about as far as they got, so i’m sure some programmer can finish what he started, and i’de acctualy pay him to finish it, and yes he should have a job at funcom seams he knows more about the codding then themselfs, but i wont give up, and hopefully someone with tallent will pick this up and allow server owners to clean this without having to hit the restart button.

@ram168 I 100% agree with! well said :wink: I am also in the discord. Was super sad to hear that news from Josh… There is still his team tho. I hope they at least keep what they got working.

lets just say he was the first one i tried to contact, and didn’t have the chance because he was one giant step in the right direction (steamid ,palyer, delete), and i would of been really generous for his work, i really like this game, i bought maybe 15-20 copies for my friends and (work friends) dont like the word employees’, but that’s aside, the fact that server owners need full control on the way they manage it, and a darn good dedicated programer (s), hell who knows maybe the pipi team will pull this off, and i will be one generous very generous donator…

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Assuming you know the SteamID and have access to the database, this should not be a problem.
Through a SQL query to the database, you should be able to remove everything from a player.

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We, the Pippi Team, would like to address this officially.

Pippi, Josh, and the Team are not going away. However, real life must take center stage. Development of new Pippi functions and features will not be pumped out on a weekly or bi-weekly average. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy Pippi for two full years and will continue to do so. There is plenty that Pippi offers currently to keep admins and players happy. Thus, development will continue just at a much slower pace.

We would like to thank everyone that has subscribed to Pippi for their enthusiasm and support. That number is 93,000 subs and growing and we hope to see higher numbers by next year.

It is for the love of the community and the joy of creation that Pippi has been…and still will be…part of Conan Exiles.

The Pippi Team,
Joshtech, Fia & ContrastX


well this is just great (without an a, ok i"ll make it clear 1000$ right now tonight if you want to look into this problem, then with results lets say another grant, you get this fixed, good thing i’m rich LOOKS LIKE funccrab is … NOT ,well at lease to hire you, i need results, your mod is what every ce needs .

you make a promise that it wiil be one of your prioreties, and i’ll make sure the donation will be there.

and i’de like to talk to you in person for otter things, thanks for your respond, and hope we can make arrangements. (since FUNCOM is a buch of… well not to hire you, lots of wine tonight might of mispeld a little.



it’s still tonight and i cant even reach you on discord,

It was a pleasure speaking to you Ram168. I’m glad I was able to explain some of the hurdles set ahead of us and working through. Pippi will live on and we will continue to support our friends at FC the best we can.


And welcome to the Community ram168! :smiley:
You are obviously on a private server by the fact you have PIPPI? If Decay is not set ‘ON’ then the only option is to wander about (if you are the Admin) and clear individually. No other option.

I have a private server and I have had to switch Decay back on to sort this out.

If the server is a PvP server, then players can be asked to always report or destroy single foundations or builds.

Outside of that, Decay is the only realistic option - I wasted many. many game hours wandering about trying to keep tabs on player builds and whether they played on the server anymore or not. I also did the tagging player bases on the Map for a while, but there is a finite number of tags so that’s not 100%.

Good luck!

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In the Game-Database in the table “Account” are all SteamIDs logged. They are related to the table “Character”, where you’ll find the Player’s name (Charactername) and their ID.

So now you’ve got their ID and cleanup all data records related to their ID. This will remove everything from this player. i.e. CharacterInfos, structures, events and so on.

But this procedure requires direct access to the game database.

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If this char is in some clan then it’ll be clan ownership I think. It’s so in my SP database file: my ID & my clan ID (which consists of myself only), and all the assets are owned by “my clan”.

Then you also have to check if the clan has other players and if so, are they active?
Let’s say it’s a “one man show”, then you can also clean up all the elements that belong to this clan.

It’s a little bit of SQL-Work but should do the thing.

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had a little chat with pipi group, if all goes to plan we might have a already great server management mod, but even greater, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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i’m looking for players, server name is village people (was just for fun but seams it affects individuals, and wasn’t ment for that at all, i need payers, and server admins, geting this done on my own takes to much of my time (ok i do have alot of free time) but help would be aprreciated, if you think you can be a good admin, and bring ppl in server (well once pipi team gets things fixed (and i sure they can, spoke with a memeber no one needs to know who, things will look brighter let keep it that simple).

love this game.




ty for that long reply, that brings us no closer to a solution, that’s why we need people like josh and his team to make real ingame progress a verry afective solutions, not as if FUNCOM will take hours to help, the have there mind set on building us a better playground, and that should always be their main focus, but tanks to whoever god you praise, we god moders (great programers) who can fil in the lost but yet perfect details missing.this is not my forst rodeo in server owning, and probably wont be my last, but without ededicated programers out there, your game would get tiering faster then you could acctuallly beleave. why the hell you think that over 90% of game compagnies make them open source???

sorry for my last post, was rude towards a game member,and we all have the right to self thinking, so again really sorry northryder, had no intention to unsermize your post.