Removing The Value of Thralls Will be Your Downfall?!

We traded with thralls
We hunted for thralls
We triggered purges wich took almost weeks to trigger (unless you jinx it).
Thralls was the currency number one in conan.

Now the carrot is taken away and im the Donkey…


The idea of the new benches seem nice but removing all the value from thrall just removed a core element in conan IMO The main reason i was aiming for purges was for those recipes/bonus that the purges thralls where giving you. I was hunting / trading armorers thralls to get those few missing flawless armors i was missing which isn’t a thing anymore no need to bother travelling around the map hunting specific thralls anymore they are mostly all the same now. All that to accommodate a new DLC map.

On a funny side though, with all the complaint on the forum, i wasn’t expecting them to make so many massive crafting stations xD That one is kind of funny since i do need to expand my already somewhat massive base to fit them :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t see that one coming i had rooms for next benches and stuff but not on that scale. I might build a bit more then go back on ark survival for a while while they sort out what they want their game to be.

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Downfall? Perhaps not.

Very bad decision? That I can agree with. Thralls take a ton of time to acquire and break. They were a cornerstone to gameplay. Now they are essentially pointless minus the one that you drag around with you.

I cant fathom why they were changed in such a fundamental way. The benches are not interesting from a gameplay perspective in any shape or form - just another thing to build and use. Thralls were a FAR more interesting way to go.

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Agreed. I LOVED this game purely because of the trall hunt. To destroy that aspect of a game simply to support a DLC? Hmm, seems like letting the tail wag the dog. RIP, Exiles.


well i will confirm your point, i’m playing since early access of conan only for the thralls,

i did huge war for thralls, i hunted them on all the lands for thousand of hours, i fought hard to defend them, i did crazy hide out to save and secure them, and i have succeded to do it for 3 years on pvp server. thralls were the jewels of the game, you cannot remove their value like that, you cannot make useless purge thralls that have been so hard to acquire and preserve…what the point to add so many new thralls when they do nothing special ? something special is a recipe that no other thrall can do, something special is bonus that no other thralls can do (is not because they have differents name that they will be interesting, i hunted grrr lebinger during 200h because he was doing cold str armor heavy, not because of his name, i know later dlc allowed do armor too but when i hunted him it was not the case) honestly i start to think to stop conan, no more goal, no point to defend useless thralls. my player advice is to reintegrate value of the thrall in the equation of the new economy system, my advice is to give back some advantage to purge thrall, they are not normal t4, they are t5!

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!00% agree. The thralls have always been a huge draw to Conan. This was the case with myself. This is no longer the case. The game is only half as fun now for me. I really miss having useful thralls, given the choice I would not have traded that for a dozen more benches. Whats more fun building a bench or hunting, breaking and utilizing a unique thrall for some cool benefit to armor or weapon. Seems like a no brainer to me.

NO. but





Couldnt agree more.

The DLC armors were the first step in reducing the value of armorer thralls when you could craft new sets with ANY T4 armorer, even sets that would have taken you hundreds of hours to farm to make it without the DLC.

This is the nail in the coffin making all but two T4 thralls useless in the game. You only need 1 T4 blacksmith (from my testing, any one that adds damage to weapons, could make the argument for 1 that adds durability for tools unless your using black blood tools) and 1 T4 armorer (from my testing the armorer that adds more armor to the set). They just made 2/3 of all T4 blacksmiths and armorers less valuable, and all other T4 artisan thralls useless.

Whats next on the chopping block?

I think it just means purges are supposed to be bad. Before, they were on the fence. They damage your buildings, but were easily stopped thus became a harvest for easy high level thralling. Purges really should not have given a reward, other than your base is still there. Now if they were more deadly, then yes rewards should be given. But once you had 2 or 3 Cimmerians leveled, and you were online during your purge, it was trivial.

I literally will not buy another thing for this game unless thralls become useful again. It was the only reason I played this and not arc. There are so many broken things with the AI in this game and other fundamental pieces that are janky that I put up with because of thralls. People pokemon. Well, now that they just shot it in the head, I feel obligated to boycott their silly DLC since it’s always the reason the game gets worse.

For me, YES. This is their downfall.

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100%100 de acuerdo amigo, los esclavos dan mucha mas vida al juego

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