Renaissance Faires

As Summer draws late towards August, my thoughts turn to Autumn and my favorite time of year. One of the reasons it is my favorite time of the year is the RenFaire season. Of course many run during the summer, but for me- Fall is the best time.

For a Faire near you, check this link (US)

There are many reasons I like the RenFaire. I just enjoy the entire atmosphere- the art, the music, the ale, the plays and performers, people who sell their craft items, including weapons and armor. The food is generally good (I hate turkey legs) and if you splurge for dinner show, the menu is really good. Sitting under a tree in the shade, listening to lutes play while drinking ale from my wooden mug is just wonderful fun.

It definately isn’t purist, seems more and more Steampunk and Klingons drop in. Afterall, its a place where nerds rule- and we can dress in costumes without fear of public shaming lol.

One last picture from my collection, I’d like to share- and no, its not me :slight_smile:



Loved going to them when I lived down in Southern California. You get a totally different experience depending on if you do or don’t dress up.

Which Faire is the picture from?

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Kansas City Faire in Bonner Springs Kansas. :beers:

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I love the one down here, go every year. This year I ran into at least a dozen “Doctors” and loads more Cosplayers, was pretty cool.


I have been going to the Northern California Renascence Fair for the last 10 years. I work at the Maze and my granddaughter, who has been going since she was a year old, works at the petting zoo. It is an amazing family to work with. And, a safe environment for my granddaughter. For her this will be her last year as a faire brat. Love being there and hope that in the future we can attend other Faires as well.