Rendering issues?

Is anyone else getting thier avitar not rederingi properly or it de renders?

Hey there,

There is a known issue with the character not rendering correctly in the cinematic when drinking from a waterskin.

If this is not the issue

  • Is this happening during the cinematic, character creation or during gameplay?
    – If during gameplay, is this happening in 1st or 3rd person?
  • Are you using any mods?

No it’s happening at random periodically during the game.
I am also on xbox so no mods either.

Hi @08wax08, would you please share a screenshot of the issue?

Is it happening on single player or while playing online?

I’ll se what I can do!

IMG-20200926-WA0016 IMG-20200926-WA0017 IMG-20200926-WA0014 IMG-20200926-WA0015

As you can see these are shots that should. Have war paint on…
Mt avatar renders when I start my offline save but will end up looking like that the majority of the time

Are you playing on an original XBOX one? I have that issue on my older console after about 20-30 min of play. Especially after teleporting (either via admin tools or obelisk). It is like the torso after some time fails to fully load in the body textures. Also happens if I go to Sepamaru or any of my large bases.

No I’m playing on an xbox one s I brought in March so it’s pretty new for a consol.

Thank you for the screenshots, we’ll relay this issue to the developers.

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