Renown rankings seem broken

my guild consists of 4 players, 32 toons. we are renown level 7 and are still in the godlessly long process of getting our city to t3.
this past week, we pooled together all our resources and tried to get into the renown rankings.
between us, we did a bit over 6 million artistry and around 1 million valor. total was 7.2 million approx.
when the rankings came in, it only showed a bit over 1 million artistry. we should have made number 2 in artistry and number 8 overall.
why did our renown not show in the rankings? is it just broken, like most of the rest of AoC? thanks.

What did you do to get the artistry? Did you craft armor/weapons? Did you create new buildings in the guild city?
The ranking lists the renown of the top 50 characters, but e.g. the renown for putting up walls or any building in the city isn’t connected to a certain character and therefore not relevant for the rankings.

we did put up 1 building and several wall sections as well as several centerpieces and sculptures. those don’t count towards rankings?

only the artistry generated by the players count.

But artistry generated by building the city still counts for the guild city levelling.

i see. i dont like it much… but thanks for the info guys. very helpful.

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