Rented g-portal Server | Default Setting Purge Occurring Back to Back

Hi there:

I rented a g-portal server for a buddy and me to play on, and the Purges are incredibly more frequent and brutal than when I was playing single player. All the settings were left as is, and I haven’t touched anything as of yet. We’ve had purges start right after the previous one ended, usually with 15-20 mobs per wave.

I enjoy the mechanic, but we’ve had multiple wipes now, and it’s very discouraging. I read the Purge 101 section and don’t want to turn off purges, just turn down their frequency and difficulty. The only thing I can see as effecting our difficulty right now is that we moved further east on the river, making our camp on the large island on K6.

Please let me know what I can do not to end purges; juste turn them down to maybe once or twice a week instead of a few times a day.

Thank you in advance.

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Not sure how this works for PC but I have a private Gportal server ps4. The purge setting default is 42,000 any thing lower speeds it up. Also on ps4 I can make changes to purge in game with out going to Gportal and shutting down the server. Good luck @indirian

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Post your settings, we can look into it for you.


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