Repackaged Music/Book DLC

So - the first DLC is no longer available.
Is there a chance that we will see it repackaged?

The only reason I held off was that the comics, and the book, supposedly needed to be viewed in some proprietary app. Otherwise, the whole comic, book, and rpg book with music was pretty cool.
(Though all the music would be cool - I believe it was mentioned not all the music from this game was in there, but from the older one… may be wrong.)

On a side note about extra DLCs outside of the season pass:
Personally, Im fine with it - (I have the season pass) - as I knew what was to be included with the price.

So… some music? :wink:

Fyi, this because of the replacement of the Barbarian Edition with the Deluxe Edition (Soundtrack -- Shut up and take my money!)
I’m aware of this change, but I don’t remember asking about it. I’ll let you know if I know more.

Thanks - Just checked, but don’t see it listed under the Deluxe either.

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