Repair hammer question

Is there any advantage in crafting higher tier repair hammers? I mean… I would expect higher hammers to repair things faster, but I cant tell if they do.

Something else I have been wondering… what mod should I use on them? The tool upgrade mod makes them repair for more for the same material cost? Or should I add the durability mod so they can last longer?


If you’re repairing under raid, it can be a hassle to keep wood on you to repair your basic repair hammer which breaks every ninth swing. I kid. It is flimsy though.

I’m a big fan of steel even in late-game for certain items. Since you’ll likely be repairing T3 walls you’ll probably keep some steel stashed in bars nearby, and almost everybody carries steel by default. So I try to put a steel hammer with top durability mod in a chest near a choke point where I can anticipate repairs under siege.

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