Repairing steel items uses a whole lot more units of steel if it is a small stack of steel


Repairing steel items uses a lot more steel units if the stack is small, say 20 or less, then from a large stack say 100

Chose a steel item to repair have a stack size of 20 in your inventory
Chose repair
All stack is used when the repair is only 5 steel max

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I too have witnessed this.

It seems that the procedure to repair has a check to see if there is a limited amount of resources. Then, in a function to conserve those limited resources, the stack is decremented in a way to prevent using up the entire stack.

Then, the repair is done. However, as the OP points out, the degree of repair does not appear to match the ratio of materials consumed.

I will play around with this, and see if I can test with something like repairs on a basic steel pick. Testing with proper controls should showcase just how significant this is.

I noted it down and reported it to the appropriate dev! Thanks for the report.

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