Repairs and nerfed pets after The Age of War update

Hi, i know the patch just came today but i have 3 bugs to report:

  • The usual frame around Epic weapons and tools is misaligned, i guess it is a bug that passes under every patch.

  • I had a Dragonbone Axe and a Dragonbone Shield under 40% of durability before the patch, now it keep the 40% forever, it stops when trying to repair it beyond that point.

  • My pets were nerfed, i had a level 10 Rocknose who could beat an enemy near the huge hand area in three hits, now it hits less than the male gazelle (don’t remember the exact name) and it has less health, same as the rhino mount, now it does nearly no damage.

Ditto, rhinos do no damage and are invisible.

Official server 7053
Isle of Siptah
Age of War Update

the best part is that there was no reason to nerf pets at all. They were already weaker then thralls. The current head dev just hates pets in the game im guessing, he has nerfed them 3 times now.

Its a bummer.

I found some server settings to counteract the latest nerf and it seems to work fairly well.

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Just put them in the same place where you store the 90% of useless thralls in this game and call it a day. :smile:
They should all come under the tab “decoration”.

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Greetings @Dudeskyman ,

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Can you let us know if you’re playing on a private or official server?

If possible can you also send us a screenshot of the epic weapons where we can see the durability?

Thank you in advance and if you prefer don’t hesitate to share that information trough a private message! :slight_smile:

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