Repeated Fatal Errors (PC)

Hi folks,

I keep receiving the same fatal error when I try and play Single Player.

The error message states that they “Could not find SuperStruct HandleSprintStamina to create HandleSprintStamina”

Uninstalled and Reinstalled the game once, no dice.

Wat do?

  1. Are you able to play online?
  2. Can you connect to an official server?
  3. Do you have any mods installed?

Did you make yourself an admin? If so, in the admin panel do you have the checkbox for ignoring stamina cost of sprinting checked?

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I didn’t make myself an admin, no.

Do you reckon i should?

1 & 2: I’m able to play online on offical servers, i prefer singleplayer, however, because my Internet is garbage.
3: My mods, via Steam workshop, are
LitMan Less Blood (no dismemberment helps with the framerate during combat)

Okay, so that narrows things down a bit. Here’s the next round of questions:

  1. Are you able to play singleplayer without those mods?
  2. When do you get the message? As soon as you try to enter the singleplayer game? Or is it some time after you’ve entered?
  3. When you reinstalled the game, did you have to create a new singleplayer world or did the old one remain?
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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply to my plea.

I managed to fix the problem by reconfiguring my mods. None of which effected sprinting or stamina in any way.

Computers are weird.

Cheers for the help :slight_smile:

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