Replay at TSWL?


A quick question…

Is the game still “alive”? There are still players on it ( French ? ) ? The game is not abandoned by Funcom in terms of content, update?

It’s one of the few MMORPGs I’ve had a lot of fun playing on, I’d love to go back!

Thank you!

A game called TSWL does not exist. Are you asking about TSW or SWL? The former is definitely abandoned in terms of contents and updates, while the latter is technically not. The most recent content update, however, was an atrociously bad April Fool’s joke and may well be an indicator the NC studio, due to a lack of resources for serious development, no longer has any intention of ever delivering any more actual main story content updates.

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It depends on what you mean for alive, what I can tell you is that Agartha is crowdy at times and that its not that hard to find groups/raids for activities (all but maybe NY raid E10).

There are loads of French players, they are the most after English speaking ones for sure. I know as I play with many of them (and I am not French :slight_smile: )

I would not say that Funcom abandoned the game but as far as content update the news are few if not none. The last new content added was the Tank Commander quest and fight at the beginning of April.

Hope that helps and see ya ingame !

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I log in nearly every day, and there are nearly 10 players anytime in /tsw chat channel. Most of them are French, so you will find friends there. If you join the chat, they give you Discord channel where are lots of TSW players.

It once was alive, now you are hard pushed to find anyone in your tier level if you want to do a dungeon.
Failing that you just sign up for anything and hope for the best or ask in LFG
But yea, its as dead as a dodo mate.


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