Report Player for Unattended Gameplay

Dear Funcom team:

What do you mean by that “report player for unattended gameplay” option? We have kicks in minigames; people can kick people out of groups and raids. If someone is standing still and doing nothing (even at world bosses), then he might be communicating with other players or not participating in the event.

What are the situations for which this report function should be applicable?

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“Unattended gameplay” refers to botting and similar activities.
Basically anything where the character performs actions even though the player does not sit at his computer.


It means reporting folks who use 3rd party apps to automate their character and make them perform actions like farming resource nodes all the live long day. You can see them sometimes. They act very robotic and repeat the same tasks over and over and they even fight off the npcs that are programmed to attack node farmers.

Personally I don’t care because I have more interestign things to do than worry about what bots are doing in purple lotus swamp but that’s just me. Then you have some folks who believe (wrongly) that it messes up the market or some such. There is no evidence to support this of course. It just sounds good on paper.

So there you go. It does not mean reporting people for going afk in minis or raids etc.


How would one even report for that? You rick click on the name in chat for the other “violations”. but there is no name to click on for a bot.

You could always send the bot a tell

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