Report shattered springs full with foundations


I got a problem in server 3109 with a clan named lesDiablesL666. They placed foundation all over shattered springs and nobody cant farm brimstone at all. And they play at night so the abandon time resset and it is verry annoying cant farm there. They also placed some gods altars too. I dont know what to do or where to write this. Please i need help can someboddy help me and give intrusctions how to report this. I got pictures but when i try to upload it says that new members cant upload picture.

They also started to build a wall to block all the new players that starts in the desert

Get some screenshots of it, also get some screenshots while pressing TAB looking at the foundations so you can prove is their creation as well, add some screenshots of your server (when you press ESCAPE your server number is shown in the bottom of the menu), or maybe you could get a video of all those things, that could be easier. And send them via PM to @Hugo or @Ignasis. That could speed up the report.

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