REPORT UNDERMESH by Official Server 1212


Unfortunately you can see many undermesh bases at the moment!

I found at least 2 on the official server 1212!
The first one is in the volcano, unfortunately not possible to see who built it!

Another base is in the starting area clan/solo player “osef” !

Here you see again typically that the easiest way to the undermesh is the drawbridge!

FUNCOM what is going on? old bugs are not fixed, so many build undermesh, either there are no answers from FUNCOM or it takes weeks until something happens, support does not exist here apparently!
I see players are waiting here for a long time for answers or clarification of their problems with hacker/cheater/exploit users! That can’t be in the sense of a company!

Not only selling DLCs but also letting someone work on it to fix important bugs/problems quickly and finally putting someone on it to take care of the support!

This will need to be sent to the community managers via private message using the format outlined in the below link.

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