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Good afternoon there is a big problem in waking up after a long time on the server. I had a tragedy the other day, an old player who once played on the server said goodbye to my base not during pvp and took everything, made a potion in my cauldron, drank it and moved to the Jabal saga and I was left with nothing in full of this word. I ask you to solve this problem. I have ideas so that the enemy players could create nothing in my machines and if a person has not entered the game for a long time so that he wakes up at the starting point Kind regards

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valid suggestion

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Not long time ago old player wake up at my base said goodbye to me and took everything, made a potion of Jabal Sage and pulled it out and teleported to the Jabal saga and then left in an unknown direction. Can you fix anything to craft in my machines,not to take of frigefrize do armor and lock some box in the this game plus a way to wake up at the starting point on the map. I was left with nothing because of this

If you had to run back to your base every time after two weeks it could possibly curb the log in to refresh timers problem.

OP, your post is losing something in translation, It’s difficult to understand.
Perhaps try posting in both your native tongue with the translation, many people here are multilingual.
It might be possible that someone will better understand you.

Basically, they said that there was a char who logged in their base and looted them, then escaped using a midnight potion. That char must have logged out long ago as I understand there was no body and a way for psix to know that they were there, hence their suggestion when your body disappears from the server to log you in not where you logged out but at the starting area.


If people would quit using the same dang spots over and over and over again this wouldn’t be an issue but it is what it is…I like the suggestion of once your body disappears it goes to the desert but I feel that this isn’t a huge issue to fix as it is quite rare so it will be a back burner suggestion for quite some time.

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