Reporting bots?

how do i report harvest bots in game? how do i prove its a bot? its easy enough to tell a bot by its mindless and repetitive actions. but providing evidence is challenging. there are a lot of bots eating up resources that real players could utilize and they damage server economy by selling huge amounts of their ill gotten resources. on rage i would just gank them, but is there anything i can do about them on crom?

I have heard about farming bots, I have never seen one and cannot say if the exist or not. I won’t say that the don’t, but I have done a lot of gathering and really haven’t seen anything weird.

I have noticed often when you log in a resource zone after camping or sometimes if you port in, all resources are empty. What I do is change instance, just like the world boss at a rez pad. Or simply wait and the resources with recharge.

The resources also spawn quicker if you with a friend or even if someone else is farming in that zone.

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Guild city maps begin to fill with resources when a member enters the city. It takes about 8 minutes and all nodes on the map are full.

This might be a better option for members of a guild than going to the regular zones.

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I saw two characters who were both going around mining the same resource together. I guess it’s faster for them or they are bots. They were lined up in the same position. I also can tell this strategy has been used when the nodes are all zero or have the exact same percentage over a larger area.
Also someone has dumped a tremendous amount of resources on the trader recently, at times.

Could be either possibility. When I was building a guild city up to T3, I used to run two accounts (two pcs, two keyboards etc.) and run around the guild city in a route that I planned to allow the resources I was harvesting to replenish in the time I went around. The give away that it’s a human is when they regularly F#&% up fighting the random spawns; it’s hard concentrating on two things at once on both screens :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to find that the speed they refill varies by the tier of the resource; to my recollection T3 took about 30 mins to refill but I could be mistaken. My route took 30 mins to complete, anyway.

You’d be surprised :slight_smile: One of my guildies got banned more than once because he was an absolute machine when it came to harvesting. He pretty much single handedly built the guild city and walls to T3 just by harvesting almost all of the time we weren’t raiding. Total legend…

the bots we have observed are in our guild instance. thats the only reason it is an issue i guess. i assume that they must belong to one of our instance neighbors.
as to 8 minutes for the nodes to fill… not even close. they fill by 1 tick every 2 minutes or so and the t3 fill fastest at 4-5% per tick. t2 is 3-4%, t1 2-3%. im mostly concerned with t3 to get our city finished. at least it fills fastest. i would guess 20-30 minutes to full.

those tremendous amounts on the trader make me think “bot” again. i have spent a fair amount of time trying to harvest the enormous amount of materials needed for t3 and i dont see how even a no-life type gamer could produce as much as some of the sellers i see on the market.

One of the sellers a few weeks ago had the name of, approximately, ‘‘ntsvlr’’. But it seems to have slowed down this basalt selling.

Somebody was accusing someone of teleporting from each resource to resource on global the other day. But it’s hard for me to believe.

I have a lot of jiang shi bags to be financed for my alts. :joy: So hopefully the expert miners have stopped.