Reporting for building on obelisk and relgion npc


This guy named Brookie/clan name (this is pve?) on Official Server 1945 pvp, building on obelisks so we cant reach them, the same thing with the npc that teaches the relgion of jhebbal sag, i have the screenshots to prove it but i dont know how to contact sombady to report, plz my clan wont play until we have an answer, ty.

I would create a ticket with Funcom with all your data.

Alternately, and I know this is annoying, you may want to consider moving to a server less populated by this type of player.

the server is not populated this clan making all ppl leave server and stop playing, some Friends ask for refund about this

dont post message they wont get answered on here.

DM one of the support team staff with details

oh ty how i can do that?

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