Reporting Grief @ignasis please help

These two users from Babylove have been griefing the area and have now circled in my base preventing me from getting out easily and they have blocked the entire vally preventing me from reaching the leyshrine and other important resources please help. I have tons of screenshots however I can not upload them as i am a new forums users I will DM them to you directly ignasis.

if anyone sees this can they please tag ignasis so he can see it, it wont let me tag him since im a new user

The server is Official Server #6158 PVE - g-portal. com

You are supposed to spend a bit of time on the forums to increase your trust level and then you can send a private direct message to the community team with your report, no need to tag anyone here:

NEW FORUM ACCOUNTS: Please be aware that newly created users can’t send private messages until a certain threshold has been met, which is to read 5 different posts, 30 different messages, and spend 10 minutes logged in. This is to prevent automated spam.

So I just need to read 5 different posts and 30 msgs?