Reporting Incidents Correctly?

Just a quick inquiry as to where the correct location to post a report on a rather aggressive player teleport killing and taking belongings.

My server (Official #1808) went from 15-20 people online down to less than 5 very quickly. Myself included, logging off.

Regardless of how we decide to handle reporting, the damage of one hacker in a simple 10 minutes is immeasurable for the longevity of everyone’s experience surrounding the game. I’d like every opportunity to see our community grow as well as maintain the players it has.

For this reason, I ask that we make it bulletproof clear for every server how our player base can show their documentation or videos proving 3rd party incidents happening to them.

It’s human nature that if consequences are “Clear”. Then even children will be more likely to behave.
If the tools to report people are easily accessible, then the consequences will be more clear in the hacker’s mind. It may even prevent future players from becoming hackers.

I can imagine a strong worry is that we don’t want new players to get the impression from the start that people cheat in this game, however compared the effect in our reviews, word of mouth advertising, and turnover rate; Being provided tools that make us feel “just a little safer” is a far superior option than going without.

Please create a report feature. Strict requirements are acceptable.


all this happens in many servers and sometimes clans only enter to break the rules causing the server that you have spent a long time invested to end up being empty

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[PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures have you tried reading this? It has a section about how to report issues correctly.