Request for Tips Indoor Purge Spawns

I have a smallish main base, T2 Stonebrick round tower (6 across) sitting in the river at the base of the large stone arch close to the pirate ship. The river is can be crossed without swimming at this location. I prepared for purge with external t2 palisades, and archers.

The undead hyena’s spawned inside (easily handled by me and a performer with iron daggers), but I was wondering what kind of melee troops I should station in this small space? Daggers seem like they require a smallest space to use, but I’m not sure if this is the best choice for weapons to defend against an internal purge.

I was also amused that I had to climb on the roof to kill hyenas stuck in the ceiling, no bigger though.

Love this game, keep making it awesome!

build an underwater bridge to the land and then have the structure rise onto the beach. this will be considered one structure and then they will attack the pieces on the shore because they can spawn and find an access point without climbing or swimming. (NPC purges wont walk in water from what I have seen)

Thank you!

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