Request Official Blitz Servers with some tweaks and Here is Why


I normally do not post in the forums, but I think based on what I have read over the last few months, this topic is important. I have been playing Conan Exiles since day one of the early access, and I read the forums daily. In my opinion, I think a lot of peoples complaints about the state of Official Servers can be helped by reinstating the Blitz server.

For anyone who has not been around since launch the Blitz server was a server that was set to wipe every 30 days. They did away with them, because no one played on them. However, I think that if they restructure it, people would prefer to play on a server that has wipes.

I cannot speak to PvE servers, but I feel this would help with issues I see on those servers as well. Based on what I have read, experienced, and seen from unofficial servers, I think a server that has 2XP/3X Harvest and wipes every 3 months would be a perfect fit for a lot of people. By having a server that wipes it would help with:

  1. Alpha Clans running off the rest of the server population. Every 3 months the server will wipe and it would allow other clans to become Alpha clans.

  2. New players could get a fresh start on a server every 3 months and not be so behind.

  3. It would hopefully help with lag caused by giant structures all over the map.

  4. Since Unofficial servers are not managed by admins, this will help to remove the grieving done on official servers like blocking spawns, teleport stone, and resources.

I think 2XP/3X Harvest is perfect for this type of server is perfect for a server that wipes every 3 months. It gives people plenty of time to level and experience the game before the next wipe.

Please let me know what you think? Maybe if we get enough people to request this type of server Funcom might just be willing to try it out.

P.S. - I suck at writing on forums. I have no idea how to format anything lol

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