REQUEST : POTION to reset thralls (not growth chance only the levels and perks)

potion with the ability to reset NPC levels and feats , i think this will be a welcome addition , it does nto unbalance anything, it just makes the NPC forget evrerything, but leave the grown chance intact , so there is no abuse.

this will help quite a bit specially with rare to get thralls .

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I second that… It’s very annoying when the perks literally ruin the character’s stats and take them in a completely different direction whereas before they were actually better off. Usually I would be fine with levelling another, but with the supply so limited… You kinda can’t level another.

based with the logic you can reset your atributes, i think it would be fair to have a thrall reset levels and perks , to make it a regular levle 0. and start from scratch again with the same thrall, instead of having to deploy another 1.

it will also allow not soi goog ones to reroll, without the neeed of keeoing it, monst people will never delete a level 20 thrall , but a reset might be a different story.

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