Request: Roll Back Saga


That is a really good new. I hope all comes back to normal and i will keep trying to kill someone in minis ^^ (failing so far but trying).

Waiting for patch.


Thank you @AndyB! Great news man! Keep up the good work!


God, you and me both. This has been quite the evenful couple days. :upside_down_face:


Still p2w gear, though, or has that been reconsidered, too? The ring can be rewritten to scale with lvls exponentially/geometrically (or tie a quest to it, giving u stronger versions of it every level bracket), so that it gives no real benefint at lower lvls but starts shining at lvls near end game, but the OP shop gear should vanish (preferably) or be handed out to subs, while f2ps can buy it for the “nominal” fee or sub themselves to also get it for free.
You’re welcome for consumer friendly advice.


if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it


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