Request: Slider for Elite Spawn Rate

Please allow adjustment for the spawn of elites. I am playing on a private server with my 12 year old and 8 year old - they’re relatively new to combat. We can handle all things well and not have constant grindy corpse-runs, but elites throw a monkey-wrench into it all. I get why they’re around, but I’m observing a rate that is NOT rare.

(If someone can recommend a mod for reducing the difficulty or spawn rate of elites, I’d appreciate it - I didn’t see something that fit the bill yet).

We head out from the newbie southern river area to mine some iron up north, and we’ve seen 1-2 every single run, one on the way up or at the iron area we go to, and often one on the way down or very close to our base. My kids don’t want to leave the camp anymore because run-and-use-bow-from-chicken-heights is boring. “Hey this guy hits harder, has more HP and does nothing else different” and attacks alongside the other 7 hyenas or 4 crocs is a waste that will keep folks like my kids and wife from playing because it’s so unpredictable and unfun to just shoot arrows from safe distances or abandon a 10+ minute equip-up-and-hike effort. I have the expansions, and my children want the new emotes, weapons and architecture… so I could be buying 3x of everything, but without being able to tune the game’s difficulty better, they’ll be lost to WoW PvE. Or worse, Roblox!

I love this game. Please save me from having to play Roblox with them!


I agree for the opposite reasons. I want more challenge, more T4s, etc. There have been several requests for sliders to re-balance NPC type (T1-T4), NPC gender (most thralls are male), NPC respawn time (already implemented), etc.


CE is PEGI 18. It’s not a game meant to be played by 12 or 8 year old. You can’t really ask for the game to be modified so kids can play it when it was never designed for kids.

yea the gore is pretty gory, that said, jist give em top tier armor.

May I ask to modify the game so that crooked-hand (like myself) could play? :wink: (yes I do use lots of mods and give thanks to God that I’m PC user and not console player)

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You turn nudity off thou… isnt much going on here, you that isnt really that crazy.

Huh… its pretty tame and sad looking. >_> they blow up and spray cherry kool-aid everywhere. XD
I’ve seen Gumball were they microwave a hotdog that screams and asks for more. XD

Thou as suggested, there a few options to mess with to sway combat around.

You can turn damage done to players down…(tho this would make it abit harder for something like low ened darfari to kill you.

You can knock up damage to 2.0 (which case, something like blue eye turtle will only takes 8-12 arrows.
blue eyed gator is abit tougher. I you can mostly just run from them into water, and point and laugh at water monster that can’t swim. XD

8 is abit young…I grew up on atari and nes, and Slayer blasting out of my Brothers room. I turned out fine… maybe. =p

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My 8 and 12 year old play on my server. I’ve set player damage caused to 2x, player damage taken to .75, and we have a fairly balanced experience. TBH I wish I could spawn more T4 on demand, as we keep getting the same ones over and over and need better crafters.

Certain areas like spawn certain t4’s more often in south end of maps. So pickings are slim.

ou really need hit up Sepmurauruauuuruauauauauaaaru (or how ever its spelt) or Volcanos or Out of way places to really get good T4’s

Don’t forget, t3’s are basically = to them in crafting recipes. T4 have slight boost in craft times.
(t4 archer, dancers and fighters are still better in fight obviously)
If you just need recipes, T3 will work till you get lucky, so don’t overlook them. =D

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