Request to reintroduce Fragments of Power as a material component

Dear Conan Exiles dev members and Funcom staff!

Can we please reintroduce the need for Fragments of Power as a material component when crafting particularly powerful items? Somehow crafting these “special” items has become nothing special in PvP and PvE.


How does the rest of the active community here see this?


Even the unlocks at most dungeons doesn’t feel special
Everything is nerfed made OP and “rebalanced” -.-

Unfortunately, I can only confirm this impression/opinion from my peer group of Conan Exiles players.


I remember using them alot back in the day but once I was more knowledgeable over the stats of weapons, they weren’t special and were kicked aside.

The problem with the fop is that once the newness wears off, it’s just something you run through to get the knowledge points

Above all, I had the impression that the Fragments of Powers used to be a little bit special. In the later endgame now, I have the feeling that they no longer have any value and even new players don’t seem to be need them like in the past.

Somehow, after learning all the recipes in the Esoteric Library and all the spells and gaining a few extra knowledge points, these FoP seem to me to have become somewhat useless on the whole.

Now if they were needed for dp, that would make pvp interesting.

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